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Why You Should Be Playing Pokemon TCG

Welcome to Pokegoldfish, your site for the latest Pokemon TCG prices, decks, and strategy. Today we're going to delve into a very important topic: why you should play the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG)!

If you want to know how to play the game, be sure to check out the official rules guide, and you can jump right in for free using Pokemon TCG Online (also known as PTCGO).


The first reason why you should play Pokemon TCG is very obvious: you love Pokemon! Whether you grew up with the original Red/Blue versions of the game, discovered Pikachu via the anime series, or found large crowds during the Pokemon GO craze, everything you love about Pokemon is here.

Every Pokemon from all seven generations of the videogame/anime series are represented in the card game. You can play with your favorite Pokemon, whether it be Bulbasaur, Greninja, Alolan Diglett, or Rayquaza GX. Your favorite trainers are here, from Professor Willow to Hex Maniac. Pokemon TCG has been around since 1996 and is being released to this very day, with multiple new set releases every year whenever the franchise releases a new game. Elaborate stadiums, max revives, ultra balls they're all all here!

 Pikachu PR-SM SM76 M Venusaur-EX EVO 100  Pokemon Center Lady FLF 105 Ultra Ball SUM 161


2013 World Championships in Vancouver,  Canada from PidgiPress.

You can play with your friends at home, or, you can join a Pokemon League at a local gaming store to play with others in your community. If you have that competitive itch, there is a championship series with Regional Events around the world (North America, Latin America, Europe, and Oceania), culminating in an Annual World Championships with up to $500,000 in prizes (combined with the Video Game Championships)!


Compared to other card games, the game is relatively cheap. Top-tier Standard decks cost from $100-$200 in real life, whereas their online counterparts are less than $100. There is a great online client you can play for free. You can earn booster packs online by redeeming codes found in physical booster packs, alleviating the need to "double spend" to play both in real life and online. Cards are abundant as you can easily get them from big box stores like Walmart, and format staples are aggressively reprinted in supplemental products to keep prices down. Introductory products range from $10-$30.

Gotta Collect Em All!

Finally, for those collectors, there are many special versions of cards. If you want your Pokemon to have a unique look, you have the normal pack versions, reverse holograms, ultra rares and ultra holo rares! Here's three versions of Scizor-GX from the Sun & Moon Celestial Storm expansion; each card is identical in terms of gameplay, but different in rarity and shine!

Scizor-GX CES 90 Scizor-GX CES 158 Scizor-GX CES 175


Welcome to the world of Pokemon TCG! Hopefully you'll enjoy the game and stick around. If so, will be your go to resource for all the latest cards, decks, and strategy!

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