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Top Ten Tuesday: Pokemon With Most Unique Cards

Welcome to today's Top Ten Tuesday! The Pokemon Trading Card game has been around for quite a long time. Since it originally released back in 1996, with only 151 Pokemon existing there are now 809 individual Pokemon that all have cards. But which Pokemon have been the most popular and ended up on the most cards? We scoured over each and every card released and managed to find the ten Pokemon that have be printed on the most unique cards! A quick note before we get started, for Pokemon with Alolan forms we've included them together on the list. A Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix are still at heart a Vulpix after all right? With that in mind, let's get started! 

Honorable Mentions


Magikarp has been printed more times than Dragonite? It's quite amazing but true! Marikarp has had 26 different cards printed over the life of the Pokemon TCG, but it still couldn't quite beat Magneton and Voltorb, which both tied at 27! Still, these three Pokemon were unable to make the list as these next Pokemon just eked them out.

10: Electrode + Mew + Deoxys


At number ten, we've got a three way tie at 28 cards! While Mew and Electrode were part of the original 151 having a long time to be printed, Deoxys is quite new which makes it impressive to see that it's had as many cards. The first ever Deoxys card (the one pictured) actually came to be as a promo from the Meiji Chocolate campaign in 2004, eight years after the two cards tied with it. This card has gone on to be on several different promos and of course be featured in 27 other cards. 

9: Vulpix + Ninetales


Another tie, but as it's between a Pokemon and its evolution that's not at all odd! Vulpix and Alolan Vulpix have both been characters available at Build-A-Bear and even had special promo cards released for them, is it any wonder these popular Pokemon have had so many cards? Lately Alolan Ninetales has been one of the biggest cards in the current standard format as well, so it's safe to expect we'll see many more Vulpix and Ninetales in all their forms in the future!

8: Charizard + Gyarados


The classic Charizard from Base Set. The holo version that many collectors seek out for the nostalgia and currently goes from anywhere between $80 to $100+ and is a card many would love to have. It comes as no surprise that one of the most popular Pokemon of all time managed to get on this list; it may be the more surprising that it's not higher up! It finds itself tied with Gyarados, which had a Base Set release with art from Ryouichi Abe as part of a contest CoroCoro ran to find the best photos taken in Pokemon Snap. These two first generation favorites have 31 unique cards, an impressive achievement!

7: Magnemite + Lucario


It may seem amazing but Magnemite has more cards that Charizard and Mew! Still even with 32 unique Magnemites in the Pokemon Trading Card Game, it's more impressive Lucario can be tied with the same numbers. Lucario had its first card released 10 years after Magnemite but has been so popular it still has an incredible amount of cards. As a Pokemon that made it into Super Smash Brothers Brawl, it should have plenty more cards in the future.

6: Mewtwo + Rayquaza


Two legendary Pokemon share a place with 33 cards, but once again one is much newer than the other! The card pictured above was the first ever Rayquaza card, released as a promotional card in 2004. Just like Deoxys it was also involved in the Meiji Chocolate Campaign. It was released eight years after the original Mewtwo card was released that had art from famous Pokemon illustrator Ken Sugimori. 

5: Meowth

Team Rocket must be blasting off again! Meowth has had 37 unique cards, an incredibly impressive achievement! Funnily enough only four of those cards had any relation to Team Rocket in the end. One of the most interesting cards from Meowth was the Wizards Promo 10 Meowth that originally was exclusive to the Pokemon Trading Card Game on the Gameboy Color! Before it was available with purchase of the game in the United States, it was made available in CoroCoro Magazine with a special "GB" symbol to denote its origins. Its Alolan counterpart has seen a little play in a new deck seen in Japan recently, so maybe even its unique cousin will have a big future in the trading card game as well!

4: Eevee

With how popular Eeveelutions are, it shouldn't be too big a surprise that Eevee made the list. However, it may be surprising just how many unique cards there have been. There have been 42 different Eevee cards since the original from Jungle in 1999. It's also gained several more evolutions since then, now totaling eight instead of the original three. Could there be more Eeveelutions on the way? Only time can tell, but we expect the Eevee cards will keep on coming!

3: Raichu

With Pikachu as the main mascot of Pokemon, it shouldn't be too surprising its evolution made the list right? Well not necessarily. Pichu wasn't remotely close to making the list, and of course the anime and games have made a big deal about not always wanting to evolve your Pikachu. Despite all of that it seems the players of the Pokemon Trading Card Game have wanted to evolve and have had 43 unique Raichu to do so with! With Alolan Raichu added today as well, the love for Raichu in the Pokemon TCG isn't bound to stop any time soon.

2: Unown

These days, Unown are mostly combined into one card with several different 'letters' represented. However they original had an Unown for each letting of the alphabet and some for punctuation! With every unique Unown card combined, there have been 90 unique Unown cards. This astronomical number is incredible for a Pokemon that only has one attack in the games. This number also doesn't include the Alph Lithograph cards that don't have the Pokemon on them necessarily, but have their effects entirely written in Unown themselves! That would bring the total to 94 cards, but even then nothing can stop the juggernaut of the Pokemon franchise that comes in at number one.

1: Pikachu

It likely comes as no surprise that Pikachu is on top of this list, but the amount of unique Pikachu cards is staggering. There are 150 unique Pikachu cards at the time of writing this article. That's almost more than the original Pokemon themselves! Anything you can imagine has seen Pikachu having a promo card for it. Pikachu's Summer Vacation, Ooyama's Pikachu, _____'s Pikachu where you fill out your OWN name! This doesn't even include some of the Pikachu cards released specially which include:

Even with that massive list? There are still more. If any Pokemon has more unique cards than Pikachu ever, it would be mind-blowing. There's no Pokemon with the power of Pikachu, and this main series mascot has shown that quite clearly at the top of our list!

We do hope you enjoyed this week's Top 10 Tuesday. Next week we'll be taking a look in the opposite direction at which Pokemon have been printed the least! Find any of these card facts and numbers interesting? Tell us in the comments below or let me know over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers! 

Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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