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Take Two: Life Enhancement ($23)

Welcome to another edition of Take Two were we take a look at the decks of PokeGoldfish past and help bring them up to full power at the present! Life Enhancement was a budget deck featuring Seaking that many readers enjoyed. While it was built for the current standard format it's gotten a good bit more expensive since its initial build. Not to mention there's simply better cards that have been released since then! With this in mind let's take a second shot at Life Enhancement!

Ultimate Enhancement

Seaking UNB 49Shedinja LOT 95

Seaking's Enhanced Horn allows you to flip six coins for the potential to do 30 damage for each heads. With a possible 180 damage, even more with how many Fire Pokemon are running around the current format, it's easy to see why this Pokemon might get folks excited. Still, that's not all that much damage and its measly HP stats are nothing to write home about. This is why we have it paired up with Shedinja. Using its ability Vessel of Life, it can not only be the tool card Seaking needs but also make it so the opponent isn't taking prizes once it's knocked out. Just in case you run into Lysandre Labs we even have a Faba to help get it out of the game.

There's only one big problem with this setup. Without Rescue Stretcher in the format it can be really tough getting back the Pokemon you desperately need to keep the combo going. Or is it?

Keep The Combo Going

Ninjask LOT 30Lure Ball CES 138Brock's Grit HIF 53

Let's look at things one step at a time. First, you need to be able to recycle your Shedinja repeatedly to keep this combo working. We have several options with this but chose to get a bit more creative by using Ninjask. It's ability Molting will allow you to take a Shedinja from the discard pile and put it onto your bench. With Devolution Spray Z you can do this several times! This makes it so you lose less Nincada to search out just to evolve it into Shedinja directly. With our Unit Energy in deck you can even use it as an attacker if you're in a tight spot, with a Shedinja equipped as well. Plus as a Grass Pokemon Net Ball makes it easy to search out. The only thing to remember is Ninjask on the field makes your Green's Exploration stop working, so be sure you can devolve it if you need to search things out. 

So we have a nice way to recycle Shedinja, what about our other Pokemon? Lure Ball is fantastic for pulling your Seaking, Ninjask, and yes Shedinja from the discard pile. With Apricorn Maker and Green's Exploration it's never too hard to get one from the deck. On that note, Mysterious Treasure is also easy to search out if you need those Shedinja from the deck in the first place!

But what about your Basic Pokemon? Brock's Grit can help but is a little slow. Thankfully with Pokemon Communication some of these evolution Pokemon can be sent back into the deck to help bring out your Goldeen if needed. There's also always Professor Elm's Lecture to help as well! 


Lysandre Labs FLI 111Faba LOT 173Girafarig LOT 94

We've already mentioned Lysandre Labs as an issue for this deck, but there's still other things to worry about. The opponent using Faba themselves could send your Shedinja to the Lost Zone where no amount of recycle power can get it back. The same goes for any opponent with Girafarig attacking with Get Lost. Essentially, if the opponent removes your Shedinja from the equation entirely this deck is going to flop harder than a Magikarp in a desert. So keep aware and keep those Shedinja safe!

We really hope you enjoyed our second take on Life Enhancement! We'd love to hear what you think, especially if you gave the deck a try. Drop a comment below or tell the deck builder your thoughts over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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