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Searching Standard: Whimsicott-GX / Porygon-Z Deck

Hello and welcome to another episode of Searching Standard. Every week I search high and low to find a cool deck to present to you, and this week is no exception. While browsing on Reddit, I came across the deck I have for you this week. It was posted by a user named BlueFlewFedUQueen and features my favorite Pokemon to play that's guaranteed to annoy my opponent, Whimsicott-GX UNB 140. Let's get started this week by taking a look at the deck.

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With Whimsicott-GX UNB 140, its Fluffy Cotton Ability should allow it to take somewhere around half the amount of damage it normally would. That can go a long way in being able to outlast your opponent's Active Pokemon. Even though defense is the name of the game with Whimsicott-GX UNB 140, thanks to its Energy Blow attack, you can still deal out a decent amount of damage. As you'll see, thanks to Porygon-Z UNB 157, you should be able to power up Whimsicott-GX UNB 140 with a fair amount of Energy right away, allowing you to deal out 130 damage per attack or more. Plus, since Whimsicott-GX UNB 140 is the only Pokemon-GX in the deck, you'll be able to utilize its Toy Box GX attack to find any five cards from your deck. This is probably best used to find Energy cards, but can be very useful in finding Supporters that draw you cards or the missing evolutions you need for this deck to run smoothly.

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While you don't get as many cards with Whimsicott UNM 144's Prowl Ability as you do with Whimsicott-GX UNB 140's Toy Box GX attack, you'll still be able to search your deck for any one card. Even one card can get the ball rolling, especially if you get a card that will allow you to draw additional cards. And, as we all know, drawing additional cards equates to having more options. With more options, you're more able to get the cards you need to maximize your strategy quicker and are able to find cards to negate your opponent's game plan more easily. That can turn into more victories for you.

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Porygon-Z UNB 157's Crazy Code Ability really allows this deck to get off to a quick start. By having a Porygon-Z UNB 157 on your Bench, you can attach as many Special Energy cards from your hand to any of your Pokemon as you would like. You'll almost certainly want to make sure to attach a Rainbow Energy CES 151 or a Unit Energy FightingDarknessFairy FLI 118 to your Whimsicott-GX UNB 140 in order to use its Toy Box GX attack. That attack could allow you to find five additional Energy that you can then attach on the following turn. When you're not bound by the usual restriction of attaching a single Energy per turn, you'll be able to attack your opponent for much more damage than they can attack you with, which should help you end games quicker. Since evolving into Porygon-Z UNB 157 as quickly as possible is key, you have a few copies of Rare Candy CES 142 in the deck to help you with this task.

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Porygon2 UNB 156, Porygon UNB 155, and Porygon UNB 154 all have ways to be able to find the Special Energy that makes this deck run. Porygon UNB 155 has the Quick Draw attack, which allows you to draw one card and requires a single Energy. Porygon UNB 154 has Discharge, which can potentially allow you to search your deck for up to three Energy cards. Finally Porygon2 UNB 156 has the Double Draw attack, which allows you to draw two cards. Since these are all attacks, you won't want to rely on using them because you'll be vulnerable to being knocked out on your opponent's next turn, but they're handy to have when you need them.

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With Zebstrika LOT 82's Sprint Ability, you'll be able to discard your hand and draw four new cards. This can be especially useful if you're able to use all of the cards you're holding prior to activating Sprint. Discarding zero and drawing four cards is a great deal, especially since you'll still be able to draw additional cards with your Supporter cards.

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Ditto Prism Star LOT 154 can help you evolve into Porygon2 UNB 156 or Zebstrika LOT 82 with ease. By including Ditto Prism Star LOT 154 in your deck, you're able to have more options for evolutions than you normally would have without it. It's just a shame that you're limited to having only one copy of Ditto Prism Star LOT 154 in your deck.

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It seems like this whole deck has been about drawing cards, and these two cards are no exception. Cynthia UPR 119 and Lillie UPR 125 are the premier choices currently in Standard for card drawing.

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This next batch of cards all help you find the Pokemon you need when you need them. Cherish Ball UNM 191 has but a single target when you use it, Whimsicott-GX UNB 140. If you've already seen your three copies of Whimsicott-GX UNB 140, feel free to discard any unused copies of Cherish Ball UNM 191 when you use Zebstrika LOT 82's Sprint Ability. With Professor Elm's Lecture LOT 188, you can search for any of the Basic Pokemon in this deck. Pokemon Communication TEU 152 can be used whenever you're holding a Pokemon you don't currently need. It allows you to trade it for the one you do need from your deck. It's a great way to trade in a Basic Pokemon for an Evolution you need.

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Brock's Grit TEU 135 allows you to put up to six Pokemon from your discard pile into your deck. Since this deck doesn't run any Basic Energy, you won't be able to get back any of the Energy that is discarded. Diantha FLI 105 is a great way to be able to return a Whimsicott-GX UNB 140 that just got knocked out back to the battlefield. Or you can play Diantha FLI 105 to return a couple of Special Energy cards to your hand in order to play them again with Porygon-Z UNB 157's Crazy Code Ability. This is especially good when you get back a couple of copies of Triple Acceleration Energy UNB 190.

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Use Switch CES 147 to prevent your opponent from getting a knockout, or to set up a favorable attack for yourself. Sky Pillar CES 144 is a great Stadium to play against those decks looking to spread damage around to your Benched players. Since you don't have a way to deal damage to any Pokemon other than the opponent's Active Pokemon, Sky Pillar CES 144 doesn't negatively affect you. Also, since Whimsicott-GX UNB 140 is your main attacker, Wondrous Labyrinth Prism Star TEU 158 is another Stadium you can play to negatively affect your opponent while leaving you unscathed. By making their attacks more costly to use, you'll be able to draw games out even further than normal, which is fine since you'll be able to accelerate your own Energy with ease.

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Both Fairy Charm Ability UNB 171 and Fairy Charm Lightning UNB 172 are included in this deck for protection against specific types of decks. If you're not facing a deck where either of these charms will help you, feel free to discard them when using Zebstrika LOT 82's Sprint Ability.

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All of the Energy in this deck is Special Energy, so you can quickly power up any of your Pokemon by using Porygon-Z UNB 157's Crazy Code Ability.

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Wrapping Up

Most decks featuring Whimsicott-GX UNB 140 look to slow games down, but not this one. Thanks to Porygon-Z UNB 157, you can attach Special Energy very quickly and that extra Energy allows Whimsicott-GX UNB 140 to take down opposing Pokemon with ease.

What do you think of this deck? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Let me know by leaving a comment below or email me directly at And be sure to join me here again next week as I continue my search for innovative decks in the Pokemon TCG. I'll see you then!

- Mike Likes

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