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Searching Standard: Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX Deck

Hello and welcome to another episode of Searching Standard. With Halloween only a month away, it's time to look for a scary deck to play. What could be more scary than Trevenant and Dusknoir?   This week, we'll be taking a look at a deck featuring Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX PR-SM SM217 from YouTuber, The Slowpoke Well. Let's get started by taking a look at the deck.

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The main attacker in this deck is Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX PR-SM SM217. In fact, it's likely the only Pokemon you'll ever attack with. It's Night Watch attack deals a respectable 150 damage, but requires three Energy to use. The kicker for this attack is that it allows you to choose two cards at random from your opponent's hand that will be revealed and then shuffled back into their deck. That can allow you the ability to gain card advantage in a hurry, and card advantage is what helps you win games.

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With Magneton CEC 69's Call Signal Ability, you'll be able to Knock Out Magneton CEC 69 in exchange for being able to search your deck for any three Supporter cards to put into your hand. You'll generally always want to search for a copy of Lt. Surge's Strategy UNB 178, which will allow you to play the other Supporter cards you search for as well that same turn.

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While Cosmog UNM 100 has the potential to attack with its Splash attack, the main reason it's included in this deck is thanks to its Retreat Cost of zero. This allows you to use cards that affect your Benched Pokemon, like Bede SSH 157 then retreat with Cosmog UNM 100 for free. You'll be able to fully power up a copy of Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX PR-SM SM217 in no time with Bede SSH 157, and can then retreat Cosmog UNM 100, making Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX PR-SM SM217 your Active Pokemon.

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Marnie SSH 169 is a great card to play in conjunction with Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX PR-SM SM217's Night Watch attack. You'll drop your opponent's hand to only four cards with Marnie SSH 169, then rip two of those cards away with Night Watch. Talk about limiting your opponent's options...

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Green's Exploration UNB 175 is a great card to play to help you find the missing Trainer cards you need. Remember, though, you can't play Green's Exploration UNB 175 if you have any copies of Magneton CEC 69 in play, so be sure to Knock them Out with their Call Signal Ability before playing Green's Exploration UNB 175

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Cynthia & Caitlin CEC 189 allows you to gain an additional use of a Supporter card that you've already played. It's a great way to be able to play Lt. Surge's Strategy UNB 178 an additional time, or you could use it to attach additional Energy with Bede SSH 157. Whatever you choose, remember that it can be very worthwhile to use the second ability on Cynthia & Caitlin CEC 189 to draw three additional cards.

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Nearly every deck includes cards to help find the Pokemon you need to win games with. This deck is no exception. Evolution Incense SSH 163 can be used to help you find a copy of Magneton CEC 69. You can find every other Pokemon in this deck with Quick Ball SSH 179, but you'll most likely use it to find a copy of Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX PR-SM SM217.

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With so many Supporters in this deck, finding a full playset of Pokegear 3.0 SSH 174 should come as no surprise. Energy Spinner UNB 170 is a terrific way of finding Energy from your deck, making it slightly more likely that you'll draw a more useful card on future turns.

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Not only does Reset Stamp UNM 206 slow down your opponent's momentum, especially if they've been running away with the game, but it also works well in conjunction with Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX PR-SM SM217's Night Watch attack. It's very similar to the Night Watch attack / Marnie SSH 169 combination.

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This group of cards all help you when attacking. Vitality Band SSH 185 allows Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX PR-SM SM217's Night Watch attack to deal 160 damage, allowing you to Knock Out an opposing Pokemon with 320 HP in two hits. Boss's Orders RCL 154 allows you to choose whether you want to attack an opponent's Benched Pokemon, possibly scoring an easy Knock Out. Switch SSH 183 allows you to send a wounded Pokemon to your Bench, possibly preventing your opponent the opportunity to draw Prize cards. It also allows you to bring up a fully powered Pokemon from your Bench to your Active Position.

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Power Plant UNB 183 nullifies the Abilities of Pokemon-GX's in play. While this doesn't hurt your deck in any way, it can be especially problematic for your opponent if they are relying to draw additional cards with Dedenne-GX UNB 57's Dedechange Ability.

Wrapping Up

While you may not always be able to remove the best cards from your opponent's hand with Trevenant & Dusknoir-GX PR-SM SM217's Night Watch attack, it's still very exciting to see what you get. This deck looks like a lot of fun to play and could cause your opponent a lot of discomfort.

What do you think of this deck? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Also, check out my other column, Flash Forward, where we take a look at decks using cards from upcoming releases.

And be sure to join me here again next week as I continue my search for innovative decks in the Pokemon TCG. I'll see you then!

- Mike Likes


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