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Searching Standard: Gourgeist / Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX Deck

Hello and welcome to another episode of Searching Standard, where each and every week I look for new, innovative decks for you to play in Standard. This week, I have a deck for you whose main attacker has the potential to deal 360 damage every time it attacks, with an attack that requires only two Energy. Let's get started by taking a look at the deck.

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Gourgeist EVS 77 is the main attacker in this deck. Thanks to its Pandemonium attack, you'll have the potential to Knock Out any opposing Pokemon in a single shot... with a little bit of luck. When you attack with Pandemonium, you'll reveal the top six cards of your deck. You'll deal 60 damage for each Psychic Type Pokemon found there. Then, you'll shuffle those revealed Pokemon back into your deck and discard the rest. It's for that reason that there are so many Pokemon in this deck. Hopefully, by the time you're ready to attack with Gourgeist EVS 77, you'll have gotten some of the non-Pokemon cards out of the way, so that you're able to deal as much damage as possible.

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Shadow Rider Calyrex VMAX CRE 75's Underworld Door Ability can be quite helpful to make sure you have the Energy needed attached to Gourgeist EVS 77 for it to attack. Since you might reveal some Energy when you attack with Gourgeist EVS 77's Pandemonium attack, Underworld Door is a means of putting that Energy to good use.

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It's impossible to think that none of your Pokemon will get Knocked Out. When that happens, you'll be happy to see a Galarian Cursola RCL 79 sitting on your Bench. By moving it to your Active Spot, you might make your opponent think twice about attacking. That's thanks to the Perish Body Ability Galarian Cursola RCL 79 has. If Galarian Cursola RCL 79 is in your Active Spot and it gets Knocked Out by damage from your opponent's attack, you'll have a 50/50 chance of automatically Knocking Out your opponent's Active Pokemon. While this might not work every time, it will feel pretty good when it does.

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Mew CEL 11's Mysterious Tail Ability allows you to put any Item card from the top six cards of your deck into your hand. While there aren't a lot of Items in this deck, finding any of them with this Ability will be helpful, as it will remove that card from your deck. That means you won't draw it when you use Gourgeist EVS 77's Pandemonium attack. Similarly, Zacian V CEL 16's Roar of the Sword Ability helps pull Psychic Energy 5 cards from your deck, but doing this will end your turn.

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As long as you're able to move Mimikyu V BST 62 from your Bench to your Active Spot, you'll be able to have a turn without taking any damage. That's thanks to Mimikyu V BST 62's Dummy Doll Ability. Mimikyu V BST 62 is also able to put damage counters directly onto your opponent's Active Pokemon with its Jealous Eyes attack. While you won't often want to attach Energy to any Pokemon other than Gourgeist EVS 77, this attack can be useful and it only requires a single Psychic Energy 5 to use. That's also the cost of Xerneas VIV 78's Geo Hunt attack, which allows you to put any card from your discard pile into your hand. Sometimes the second use of something is exactly what you need.

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Both Fog Crystal CRE 140 and Training Court RCL 169 help ensure that you have the Energy you need to attack effectively. While Fog Crystal CRE 140 finds the Energy from within your deck, Training Court RCL 169 lets you reuse basic Energy from your discard pile. Also, don't forget that Fog Crystal CRE 140 can help you find a Psychic Type Pokemon (like Gourgeist EVS 77) from within your deck to put into your hand.

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Evolution Incense SSH 163 is another great way to find a Gourgeist EVS 77 you need. With Air Balloon SSH 156, you'll be able to retreat with your Gourgeist EVS 77 without the need to discard a pair of Energy. Finally, Ordinary Rod SSH 171 is the best way to return Psychic Type Pokemon from your discard pile to your deck. You usually won't want to use Ordinary Rod SSH 171 to return basic Energy cards, as that will dilute the results of Gourgeist EVS 77's Pandemonium attack.

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Our last batch of cards are all of the Supporters within this deck. Both Bruno BST 121 and Marnie CPA 56 allow you to shuffle your hand back into your deck and draw new cards. This is especially useful later in the game when you've drawn some of your Psychic Type Pokemon and haven't played them to your Bench. Marnie CPA 56 also forces your opponent to shuffle their hand back into their deck, which can hinder an opponent. Raihan EVS 152 can only be played on the turn after one of your Pokemon was Knocked Out. He allows you to immediately get back in the game by attaching a basic Energy card from your discard pile to any of your Pokemon and to search your deck for any card. Whatever you might need is right at your fingertips with Raihan EVS 152.

Wrapping Up

With just over half of this deck being comprised of Pokemon, you'll generally deal a minimum of 180 damage when you attack with Gourgeist EVS 77's Pandemonium attack. That's especially good since you'll only give your opponent one Prize card if they Knock Out Gourgeist EVS 77. I'm excited to try this one out to see how often I'm able to live the dream and deal 360 damage with a single attack.

What do you think of this deck? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Also, check out my other column, Flash Forward, where we take a look at decks using cards from upcoming releases.

And be sure to join me here again next week as I continue my search for innovative decks in the Pokemon TCG. I'll see you then!

- Mike Likes

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