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Searching Standard: Amazing Kyogre 1-Hit 6-Prize Deck

Hello and welcome to another episode of Searching Standard. Shining Fates has a subset of cards within it called the Amazing Rares. These cards all feature a Pokemon that has an Amazing attack that requires multiple types of Energy. This week, I have a deck for you from YouTuber, Flex Daddy Righteous, featuring one of these Amazing Pokemon, Kyogre SHF 21 and it's attack that deals damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon. Let's get started by taking a look at the deck.

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With Kyogre SHF 21's Amazing Surge attack, you'll deal 80 damage to each of your opponent's Pokemon in play. That can allow you to Knock Out multiple Pokemon at once, and if you're extremely lucky you could even knock out their whole team. The downside to this attack is its Energy requirement. You need four total Energy to use it, and three of those Energy must be specific types. Luckily, this deck has a few ways to deal with this problem.

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The first way is by using Trumbeak VIV 144's Charging Trumpet Ability. This Ability allows you to look at the top three cards of your deck when you evolve into Trumbeak VIV 144. You can then attach any Basic Energy cards you find there to any of your Pokemon as you see fit. With a bit of luck, you'll find three different types of Energy that you can attach to Kyogre SHF 21. You can then use Scoop Up Net RCL 165 to pick up Trumbeak VIV 144 as a way of using its Ability all over again.

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Rowlet SHF 6 is best used as a sniper in this deck, dealing 60 damage to any one of your opponent's Pokemon when you use its Wind Shard attack. But you won't want to attach any Energy to Rowlet SHF 6. Instead, use the Wind Shard attack for free by playing a copy of Bird Keeper DAA 159 before attacking, and Rowlet SHF 6's Sky Circus Ability will let you attack for free.

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The rest of the Pokemon in this deck are all included for their utility. Oranguru SSH 148's Primate Wisdom Ability gives you the equivalent of having an extra card in your hand. Crobat V DAA 104 and Dedenne-GX UNB 57 both have Abilities that allow you to draw extra cards. As an added bonus, Dedenne-GX UNB 57's Dedechange Ability also forces you to discard your hand before drawing a new hand of cards, allowing you a way to discard some Energy that you'll be able to utilize later on.

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Turbo Patch DAA 172 allows you to accelerate your Energy by being able to attach an Energy from your discard pile to one of your Pokemon provided that you win a coin flip. Viridian Forest TEU 156 also allows you to find the Energy you need from your deck by discarding a card from your hand. You can use both of these cards together, discarding an Energy to Viridian Forest TEU 156 and then getting that Energy back with Turbo Patch DAA 172.

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A Pokemon that has a Telescopic Sight VIV 160 attached will deal an additional 30 damage to your opponent's Benched Pokemon V and Benched Pokemon-GX. This allows Kyogre SHF 21 to deal 110 damage to these Benched Pokemon instead of just 80 damage. That extra damage goes a long way to scoring a Knock Out easier.

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In addition to offering you another discard outlet, you can use Quick Ball SSH 179 to help find the Basic Pokemon you need to run smoothly.

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Boss's Orders RCL 154 can help you choose which of your opponent's Pokemon will be their Active Pokemon. This allows you to make sure you'll be able to deal extra damage when you have a Telescopic Sight VIV 160 attached to Kyogre SHF 21.

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This pair of cards are included as a way of drawing additional cards, allowing you to find what you need quicker. Professor's Research CPA 62 also allows you another option for discarding cards, making sure you will be able to use Turbo Patch DAA 172 to accelerate your Energy.

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The final non-Energy card in this deck is Air Balloon SSH 156, which will help you Retreat whatever Pokemon is currently your Active Pokemon, so that you'll be able to attack effectively once you get Kyogre SHF 21 fully powered.

Wrapping Up

The Amazing Kyogre SHF 21 has the ability to Knock Out multiple Pokemon with a single attack, making it a truly Amazing attacker.

What do you think of this deck? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Let me know by leaving a comment below. Also, check out my other column, Flash Forward, where we take a look at decks using cards from upcoming releases.

And be sure to join me here again next week as I continue my search for innovative decks in the Pokemon TCG. I'll see you then!

- Mike Likes

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