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Jank Hunt: Morpekish

Today, we make Morpeko angry. Even though we were specifically told we would not like him when he's angry.

Dec 14 | by LegalySarcastic
mew vmax

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Never Gonna Give Mew Up

Fine, we'll talk about Mew.

Dec 13 | by LegalySarcastic
jank hunt

Jank Hunt: BOOM, Roasted!

Does a Pokemon that's always had an attack bordering on greatness finally have the tools to actually be great?

Dec 11 | by LegalySarcastic

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Crushing Slime

Goodra teaches us that sometimes, it's not about winning. It's about sending a message.

Dec 09 | by LegalySarcastic


Today, we pretend we're one of the cool-kids and talk about Galarian Obstagoon from Fusion Strike.

Nov 29 | by LegalySarcastic

Jank Hunt: Rapid-SMITE Malamar

Today we discuss what might actually be the most-fun you'll ever have doing math.

Nov 27 | by LegalySarcastic
single prize

Jank Hunt: 8-Lat

Today, we see if two star-crossed Pokemon, both alike in dignity, can unite and bring balance to a meta ruled by flashy, fancy, three-prize Pokemon.

Nov 25 | by LegalySarcastic

RYOD: Orbee-little your Opponent

Orbeetle is just terrible. Nothing good will come of this.

May 29 | by LegalySarcastic
draw control

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Oleana's Draw Lock

We continue our search to destroy our opponent's soul by combining Orbeetle with Thievul

Feb 15 | by LegalySarcastic

RYOD: Marowak's Lantern

What if we took the most frustrating and brutal deck ever constructed and tried to bring it to standard.

Feb 01 | by LegalySarcastic

RYOD: Altaria'd State of Mind

Can we make a passably-good wall deck with Altaria and a bunch of aggravating cards? Well you *KNOW* I had to find out.

Jan 25 | by LegalySarcastic
ruin your opponents day

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Decidu-Ire

Today we take revenge on the meta with Decidueye.

Sep 14 | by LegalySarcastic
trevenant & dusknoir

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Turbo Genga Treva Phera Duskno Buzzwo Mikyu

We talk about one of the rare times when a Standard version of a deck might actually be better than the Expanded version.

Mar 30 | by LegalySarcastic
energy denial

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: That Burning Sensation

How much energy can we deny per turn? With Torkoal-V, the answer is "Just about enough to be FRUSTRATING"

Mar 16 | by LegalySarcastic

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: What Happened to Expanded?

Collinsville Regional was wall to wall disruption decks and stall decks. This is great! So why are we terrified?

Mar 12 | by LegalySarcastic

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Obsta-DOOM

Can we come up with a way to use Galaran Obstagoon to punish our opponent's over-reliance on attacking basics?

Mar 09 | by LegalySarcastic
zacian v

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Puppy Mill

Sword and Shield introduces us to, quite possibly, the greatest mill deck ever.

Mar 03 | by LegalySarcastic

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Noodle Mill

This is a mill deck which we hope is the spiritual successor to Durant.

Feb 17 | by LegalySarcastic

Ruining Your Opponent's Day: Star-Struck Control

Oranguru deck based around looping Bellelba and Brycen Man and Chip Chip Ice Axe.

Nov 07 | by LegalySarcastic

Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Bricked in the Wall

The Greatest Disruption Deck to Ever Exist

May 21 | by LegalySarcastic

How to Ruin Your Opponent's Day

Have you ever wanted to absolutely ruin your opponent's joy? Well, thanks to Pandora, YOU CAN!

Apr 19 | by LegalySarcastic

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