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Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Puppy Mill

Oh, hello there.  I didn't see you come in.  Welcome, dear traveler.  Please, take a seat.  You must be tired.  I know it can be a slow, agonizing trudge through the land of Control decks.  But this is our home.  It's a cruel land, but somebody has to live here.  And live here, we do.  Say, while you are here, let me tell you the story of the greatest mill deck ever invented.  


Now, I know what you are thinking.  "The Best Mill Deck Ever?  Isn't that a bit click-baity?"  Well, yes.  Yes it is a bit click-baity.  But I need the clicks (if only to justify them still keeping me around).  But, actually, I truly believe this statement.  I believe we are looking at a deck that rivals the former Best Mill Deck Ever, Durant.  

Now a few of you regular readers might be confused to see me dub this the best mill deck ever, since it wasn't too long ago that I was crowning Vileplume as the best disruption deck ever.  I do still believe that Vileplume is the best disruption deck ever made.  In fact, if you put them against each other, Vileplume would win.  However, Vileplume did not seek to mill cards.  It merely ruined your opponent's day (see what we did there?).  This deck actually seeks to mill your opponent out, proactively ending the game rather than just waiting for it to eventually end.  How do we do this?  Well, let me explain.  


$ 0.00 $ 0.00    $ 0.00 $ 0.00    $ 0.00 $ 0.00

So the core of the deck is the ability to play Lt. Surge's Strategy UNB 178 which allows you to play double Bellelba & Brycen-Man CEC 186.  This is a 6 card mill every time you play it.  The addition of Oranguru UPR 114  means that once you get to the end of your deck, you can loop the combo indefinitely.  But so far this is all pretty standard.  So what makes this the best mill deck ever?  Well, allow me to introduce you to...


$ 0.00 $ 0.00    $ 0.00 $ 0.00

These two cards are what really pushes the already good Pidgey/Oranguru mill deck to the level of "best mill deck ever."  The reason is simple: speed.  

You see, the power in the deck is the ability to mill 6 cards every turn.  But in order to get there, you need to consistently be able to play Surge - Double B&BM.  Prior to the introduction of Cinccino SSH 147 the best card we had was Pidgeotto TEU 123.  Air Mail allowed you to basically look at the top 2 cards of your deck and draw one of them.  This was good, but it wasn't nearly as fast as the deck used to be back when you could play Zoroark-GX SLG 53.  Cinccino lets us dig two cards at a time, AND do so on a single-prize Pokemon.  This is huge.  This is massive.  

The other newest addition is Zacian V SSH 211.  Zacian V is a pretty cool card with a neat attack, but an even neater ability.  Intrepid Sword lets you draw 3 cards at the cost of ending your turn.  I know, technically, you can attach any Metal energy you find there.  But, really, we don't run metal energy.  We run Fire (more on that below).  Now some of you might be thinking "Well, Mostly, why not just run 4 Steven's Resolve CES 145?"  That's a good question, with a good answer.  Because Zacian V can be done multiple times, without assistance.  You really need to be able to power through your deck to start looping your big mill combo.  Zacian V does that better than Steven's Resolve.  

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

LIllie's PokeDoll is kind of like having a Life Dew PLF 107 available at any time and really makes it harder for your opponent to take those 6 prizes.  With the majority of your deck being single prize Pokemon, having an additional Pokemon that your opponent takes NO prizes is just that much better.  

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

Simple.  Makes all your Pokemon have free retreat.  


The rest of the deck kind of speaks for itself, but we'll chat about it.  

Great Ball SLG 60Quick Ball SSH 179, and Pokemon Communication TEU 152  are the best search options we have now.  So we use them. 

Pal Pad UPR 132  and Cynthia & Caitlin CEC 228 let you reuse those supporters.  C&C also let you draw 3.  

Chaotic Swell CEC 187 helps deal with stadiums.  Tag Call CEC 206 gets your B&BM or Cynthia & Caitlin.

Mew UNB 76 Is here to protect our bench.  Because Pokemon that can deal damage to the bench are being a regular mainstay in this emerging format.  Additionally, Ditto Prism Star LOT 154 acts as a 5th Minccino.  ANd finally, rounding out the supporter Pokemon, Wobbuffet LOT 93 is here to stop those annoying Prism Star Pokemon, namely Ditto and Tapu Koko.


Now that we've gone over the basics, lets talk about the things that separate my build of the deck as opposed to the others you see.  

First and foremost, if you are familiar with this kind of deck, you might find it strange that I don't run Mewtwo & Mew-GX UNM 222 and Magcargo-GX LOT 198.   Instead, I run Chip-Chip Ice Axe UNB 165.  This is a personal preference, as I don't really enjoy the thought of having a three prize Pokemon out for just one attack that mills 5.  On the one hand, yes.  It's cool to be able to mill 11 cards in one turn (5 from Magcargo GX, 6 from double B&BM).  This basically accelerates your mill victory by one turn.  I have yet to notice a game-breaking difference sufficient to justify having a 3-prize Pokemon in play that is only there for a single attack.  So I replace the two-card combo with Chip Chip, which comes into play in those situations where I'm sure the opponent has an out in their deck and I'm not able to mill it, so I just want to make sure they don't draw it. 

Having said that, the reason I run two fire energy is in case you want to play the Magcargo variant.  You just replace Chip Chip with Mew3 and Magcargo-GX and you're golden.


And so ends the tale of Puppy Mill.  Quite possibly the greatest mill deck that has ever lived.  This deck I believe has a real chance at being top-tier, especially in the current meta.  It's the first time in a long time that the consistency of a mill deck has been able to paired with speed.  Speed is what gives this deck an advantage over other control/disruption/mill decks.  I fully expect to see this deck, or something very similar, at the top tables of tournaments.  Even, I think, in the Top 8.




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