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Ruin Your Opponent's Day: Never Gonna Give Mew Up

I know.  I know.  I know.  It's a meta deck.  I'm supposed to hate these.  My existence is to rail against these no-strategy, shiny, three-prize, "Just attach some energy and derp for big numbers" decks.  I know.  And I hate that I'm doing this.  But, if I'm honest (and I like to identify as someone who is honest), this deck does ruin people's days.  Because it works.  And, really, it shouldn't.  There is no reason this deck should perform as well as it does.  Those who've played recently will recall that one Mew & MewTwo GX deck that was everywhere a few formats ago.  The deck revolved around Mewtwo & Mew-GX UNM 71, which through its ability Perfection could use any attack from any GX or EX Pokemon in your discard pile.  This gave "Mew3" (Mew + MewTwo = Mew3) access to a very large pool of attacks, and it could pick the one most relevant to the current situation.  The deck was pretty good but required a large number of Pokemon in the discard to really operate at its most-optimal level.  

This deck operates at least as well as Mew3, and does so with just three Pokemon.  But those Pokemon are so disproportionately powerful compared to others in the Meta, that the fact that this deck exists tends to irk a lot of people.  



$ 0.00 $ 0.00

Mew VMAX FST 114 is, without question, the star of the show.  It's got one stupidly-good, outright-delicious attack, and one stupidly-good but stealthily-delicious attack.  

Cross Fusion Strike is the outright delicious attack.  For two COLORLESS (read: two of any color) energy, it can copy any attack from any of your benched Fusion Strike Pokemon.  Importantly, it does not say you need to have the correct energy attached.  So you can use any Fusion Strike attack without having to have the necessary energy.  That's insane.  

Max Miracle is the stealthily delicious attack.  Its deliciousness is not in its damage output, but rather that text that says its damage is not affected by effects on your opponent's Pokemon.  Do you know what an "effect on your opponent's active Pokemon" is?  Decidueye DAA 13's Deep Forest Camo is an effect.  So is Altaria CPA 49's ability.  Any ability that prevents damage puts an 'effect' on the Defending Pokemon.  Any item that prevents damage, as well (so think Fairy Charm Dragon LOT 177).  Also, any attack which creates immunity, also, puts an effect that is ignored by this attack (so, crucially, think Latias FST 193's Dyna Barrier attack).  

So, with the ability to copy any Fusion Strike card, and the ability to attack through immunity, MewMax (Mew VMAX) has the potential to be really, really good.  As long as they don't print any majorly-overpowered Fusion Strike Pokemon, we should be fine...........................................................


$ 0.00 $ 0.00     $ 0.00 $ 0.00    $ 0.00 $ 0.00

See this?  This is why I have trust issues.  As we discuss each of these, keep in mind all of these attacks can be done for double Colorless.

First, Genesect V FST 185 is one of the best draw Pokemon ever printed.  In fact, I would argue it is the greatest draw Pokemon ever printed.  Even better than the previous GOAT, Shaymin-EX ROS 77.  And the reason is simple: repeatability.  Both of these cards let you draw up to six cards in a turn (provided you have a full bench of Fusion Strike Pokemon).  But Genesect's Fusion Strike System lets you do it every turn.  Without having to scoop-up and replay.  So you can play your hand, then draw.  Then play some more and (if you have another Genesect), draw again.  repeat ad infinum. Couple this really good ability with a very decent attack in Techno Blast and you have a powerhouse of a Pokemon. Nay-sayers might say that being unable to attack next turn is a pretty big detriment to the attack but to that I say: remember how not being able to attack two turns in a row absolutely did nothing to hinder the success of Zacian V SSH 138?  And that Pokemon's ability wasn't even half as good as Genesect.  

Next, Latias FST 193.  We've talked about this card before, although in the context of a not-very-good jank deck.  Latias is a really good partner for Latios FST 194 because of her (and it is her. Latias is canonicaly female-only) Red Assist ability.  But that's not why she is here.  She is here because her Dyna Barrier attack, which makes her immune from damage from Pokemon VMAX.  

So what we have here is a pokemon who can take consistent one-hit-KO's on anything Non-VMAX (more on that later), and is immune to anything it can't One-Hit-KO.  Crucially, it's Darkness weakness is not a huge detriment, since it can OHKO anything that it is weak to (again, more on that later).  

Finally, Mew V FST 113 rounds out the package by giving us both acceleration through it's Energy Mix attack as well as pseudo healing through it's Psychic Leap attack.  Psychic Leap is actually good for the deck, because it lets you keep all of the cards, rather than discard all cards attached, or discard energy like, for instance, Cheryl BST 123.  


The rest of the deck is based on getting out as many Pokemon as possible, and taking advantage of Genesect V's phenomenal ability.

Power Tablet FST 236 and Old Cemetery CRE 147 help put more damage onto your opponent's Pokemon by either dealing 20 damage everytime an energy is attached from the hand to a non-Psychic Pokemon (Urshifu... either of them), or having MewMax deal an extra 30 per attack.    

Evolution Incense SSH 163Quick Ball SSH 179, and Fog Crystal CRE 140 provide our Pokemon Search, with Crystal also being able to search a basic energy form the deck. 

Peony CRE 150, Aurora Energy SSH 186, and Cram-o-matic FST 229 work very well with Genesect.  Peony basically dumps your entire hand for two cards, which means you are able to draw at least 4 cards assuming a full use of Genesect V.  Up to six if those two cards can be played right then.  Cram-o might seem like an odd card, but it also works towards lowering your hand size to draw more cards with Genesect.  It requires you to basically discard two cards (Cram-o and the card you discard).  Less cards = more drawing.  Aurora Energy requires a discard to play, so more hand-thinning.  Marnie CPA 56 is more draw.

Boss's Orders SHF 58, Switch CES 147, Air Balloon SSH 156, and Cross Switcher FST 230 help rearrange the board.  Cross Switcher being an interesting card because you have to play two cards at once (really good for Genesect), and it allows you do basically Guzma BUS 115.  

Elesa's Sparkle FST 233 lets us search for two Fusion Strike Energy FST 244 and attach them to any Fusion Strike Pokemon.  Super good.  And super relevant since Fusion Strike energy can make your Pokemon immune to abilities, such as Inteleon CRE 43 and Umbreon VMAX EVS 95.

Fnally, there's Battle VIP Pass FST 225.  This is a card that everybody plays, but I"m not super sold on.  On turn one, it is one of the best Pokemon search cards in history, searching for up to two Basic Pokemon and put them on your bench, on an item card.  But any other turn and it's a dead card, just to be used as discard fodder.  


The deck has two slots which I change out depending on what I think I'll be going against that day.  Those slots are: Battle VIP pass, and one Capture Energy.  Those can be changed out depending on the meta you are facing.  The choices I pick are usually:

Hoopa V FST 253.  I use this card for the mirror match.  MewMax v MewMax usually comes down to who attacks first.  However, being weak to Darkness means that Hoopa can take a 1hko on Mew/MewMax.  

Deoxys FST 120 is a kind of odd tech that I sometimes run.  It's attack, if you have a Fusion Strike Energy attached to MewMax, will hit for 160.  It gives you an interim attack for the times when you only need to hit for 160, but you don't want to have to deal with not being able to attack next turn.  

Finally, and this is really REALLY a meta call, I will sometimes run one Dreepy FST 128.  This is my tech against stall/control decks, which will frequently rely on switching Pokemon out to accomplish their lock.  So I'll gust up a useless Pokemon, then use Infestation to prevent my Opponent form retreating to something else.  


In parting, this deck frustrates people.  Not because it is janky, or because it's grindy.  Or even because it's particularly bad.  It frustrates people because it works.  And, more-so than that, every piece seems purpose-built to work.  Pokemon has a history of creating and facilitating "pseudo archetypes" (think fire decks with Welder UNB 189 and Reshiram & Charizard-GX UNB 20 or Lightning decks with Pikachu & Zekrom-GX TEU 33 and Tapu Koko Prism Star TEU 51).  They are "archetypes" in that they revolve around a theme, but they're only "pseudo" because they don't really go deep into those themes.  They have a really good attacker, and a few good support cards.  But Fusion Strike has brought us an archetype that has the best attack you can have, AND the best card draw, AND the best energy accelerator, AND the best Special Energy. All of these things, together, make the deck aggravating for people to play against because, to some, they will call it "unfair."  So remember, don't gloat, win humbly, and be sympathetic to your opponent.  They never asked for this.

-LegalySarcastic, Esq.


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