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Predictions: Post Rotation World Championships 2019 (Part 3)

This year the Pokemon TCG World Championships will be taking place once again in Washington D.C. and will be streamed on Twitch on the official Pokemon TCG Channel. The event will take place from August 16th through the 18th and have some of the best players in the entire world squaring up against each other to try and take home the grand prize. With all of these amazing things however there comes a big first for the event. 

The official rotation for the 2020 format of Pokemon hits on August 14th. This means many decks that have been meta staples for a long time will suddenly be unavailable for worlds. Many staple cards from Double Colorless Energy to Guzma have been lost to the rotation meaning decks are about to see a major change. We've written about Pokemon Searching cards post rotation as well as gusting cards post rotation for those interested. 

The big takeaway here is that the game is going through a major change right before the largest event of the year. So what kind of decks can we expect? What should those building decks for the event be on the lookout for? We've got our predictions here to help give you an idea on what may be present at the event. Previously we took a look at decks that used a fire power build to find success as well as the best decks for each Pokemon type. For our final article in the series we'll be looking at a few decks that either are weird and rogue or just didn't fit in the previous articles. Let's take a look at these final few decks!

Alolan Marowak-GX

Alolan Marowak-GX PR-SM SM187Parasect TEU 7Wela Volcano Park DRM 63

Wait a fire Pokemon that could use the fire power setup? Why wasn't this in the first article... (Chalk it up to a forgetful writer grill or just that she might have thought for some reason it was just a little different and deserved its own place.) Alright back down to business! The reason this deck works so well is because Alolan Marowak-GX naturally confuses the opponent's Pokemon if they decide to attack them. You can also attach Ear-Ringing Bell to Parasect as well or even use Koga's Trap. Fiery Bone also helps tack on extra damage by burning the opponent with Wela Volcano Park helping to keep the opponent burned. Managing a few snipes with your Lost Boomerang-GX to win the game after tacking damage onto everyone can feel wonderful as well.

It's for sure more on the rogue side but isn't impossible. Plus it's not bad trying to search out Paras and Parasect thanks to Net Ball. Will it crush the tournament? We don't find it likely. Will someone give it a try? We figured it was at least worth mentioning here so keep an eye out!

Shedinja Control

Shedinja LOT 95Oranguru UPR 114Zebstrika LOT 82

We've written about this deck before! So if you want the full breakdown we hope you'll go give that article a read. Now, this deck has managed to place at a lot of events and has done so with a lot of different builds, so be prepares because we're going to list them all for you with links to their lists so you can have an idea at how these decks run. As a solid note, there are not too many cards several of the newer builds need to worry about replacing outside of Gladion except of course basically the entirety of its Pokemon search cards. This deck would take tinkering to get working again but we don't think it's impossible. Net Ball and Mysterious Treasure maybe alongside Lure Ball and a few other tricks? Take a look at these builds for ideas on what you may see!


Spiritomb UNB 112

With the Stunfisk that teamed up with it to a Top 8 at the Columbia, OH Internationals being lost to rotation the big question may be, what comes next for Spiritomb? Can it still be effective? We think the answer is yes. It still has other potential partners to work with after all! We mentioned Terrakoin UNM 122 in Part One of this series, but there's also Umbreon LOT 120 which Ondrej Skubal used at the same tournament to place 11th! To be fair the best Eevee for the job is also facing the rotation, but Eevee-GX could still be used and even searched for with Cherish Ball so this deck shouldn't be given up on just yet. A smart player will likely bring this deck to the event and make some legitimate headway!

Naganadel-GX + Persian-GX

Naganadel-GX UNM 160Persian-GX UNB 149

What do these two GX cards have in common? Using Ultra Beasts as draw power! Let me explain. Naganadel-GX already has a winning decklist that has found some success and could maybe be seen on its own. Persian-GX could do something similar, however. Using Ultra Space to search out Pokemon it could use Naganadel-GX itself or even just Ultra Recon Squad to get cards in hand. Powering up in a similar way to Naganadel-GX or even using firepower, it could then strike and deal maximum damage with Vengeance. It's a fun concept for sure and we're really hoping to see someone bring these decks and show what they're capable of!

Breloom + Mareep

Breloom UNM 108Mareep LOT 75Slumbering Forest UNM 207

Now, this deck is not only incredibly inexpensive but surprisingly effective and we very much expect to see some people trying it on the big stage. It has a main Fighting Type attacker to deal weakness damage to popular decks, easy Pokemon search from Professor Elm's Lecture, and can stop almost any deck by putting them to sleep. Plus this build even allows you to snipe out main meta threats! When you add the possibility of Net Ball in as well you're going to quickly see why we love this deck. Fast setup, good damage, thriving post rotation.

The general idea here is to switch in Mareep, put the opponent to sleep (and make them flip two coins the next turn), then attack with Pre-Dawn Strike dealing at least 120 damage for only a single Energy! Pretty slick right? With both U-Turn Board and Escape Board switching out these Pokemon is incredibly easy. Not to mention there's always just Tate & Liza or Switch as well. If players don't bring this one out to play (maybe even with Tapu Fini UNM 53 and Marshadow UNB 81 for more coverage) we're going to be flabbergasted. 

That's all for our three part series! Check out Part One as well as Part Two of the series to see the other decks we expect to see at the World Championships. Which decks are you most excited to see? Did we miss an important deck in any of our lists? Tell us in the comments below or go grill the grill directly on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps 

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