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Post Rotation: Rotom Decks

Welcome to our first Post Rotation article! We'll be examining what some popular decks, both budget and full price, will look like once the rotation hits August 15th. This time we've decided to look at a fun budget deck that uses Rotom! Rotom decks currently are able to have enough variety to hit almost any deck with weakness damage. What makes Rotom decks interesting is that they do not require Energy to attack thanks to their ability Roto Motor:

AbilityRoto Motor
If you have 9 or more Pokémon Tool cards in your discard pile, ignore all Energy in the attack cost of each of this Pokémon’s attacks.

Currently there's plenty of tools to search out Pokemon and remove tools, Field Blower being one of the stronger choices. However, it and several cards that helped the deck currently will be lost to the rotation. So what is the best chance of keeping this deck working? Let's take a look at our Rotatom decklist! 

Ingo & Emmet TEU 144So what makes this deck work post rotation? Massive reckless discarding! Okay, that may make it sound a bit more exciting than it really is, but this is honestly how to make it work. There is less time to try and slowly attach then remove tools cards as there was previously. So to make this deck work, we've packed in more tool cards as well as ways to discard them with extreme prejudice. This includes some obvious choices of draw power used in the deck like Ingo & Emmet and Sightseer  which can clear out entire hands of tool cards quick. Fill those hands using Adventure Bag for maximum effectiveness. Plus there's also Acro Bike for a bit of draw power while discarding tools you want gone. 

There are other ways to try and clear them out, however. Red's Challenge not only allows you to force two discards but lets you search out any card you need. You can use it to grab Electromagnetic Radar if you need to discard more tools, Brock's Grit if you need to recover your Pokemon the next turn as Rotom lack high HP, Adventure Bag so you can gain more tools to discard, and many other possibilities!

The deck has other interesting possibilities as well. As you are not using GX Pokemon, Shrine of Punishment is an easy inclusion. You also include many different types of Pokemon, so with Pokemon search being difficult, Friend Ball may actually give you an edge to find a Rotom. Metal Core Barrier also will discard itself if played, which is quite convenient.

We've also tweaked the amount of the various Rotoms in the deck. With so many decks prepared to fight against Lightning Types, we include more Psychic Rotom in the deck. They not only have the possibility to use Spell Tag but may have a better shot at attacking for weakness damage. Frost Rotom also has more potential with all of the tools Fire Decks now have. As they often attach energy quickly, its attack not only hits for weakness but strengthens against them. 

One last thing! In general, searching for Pokemon is harder post rotation. With this in mind, this deck is able to try and thin and refresh your hand very quickly. It may be able to find the Pokemon you need far faster than your opponent, making it more effective than ever before. Plus outside of Shrine of Punishment the deck is very cheap, and even with it remains a solid choice as a budget deck. 

We would love to see you try out this build, give it tweaks, and tell us how it works for you! If you do, let us know in the comments below or tell me over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. We hope either way this has helped you plan out decks post rotation. Until next time, stay lit trainers! 

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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