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Jank Hunt: Morpekish

In every duel that must be won, there is an element of fun.  Find the fun and *snap*, the duel's a game.  

And every match you undertake, becomes a piece of cake.  

Zoroark, Eevee.  It's very clear to me.

thaaaat aaaaaaaaaa

Spoon full of Janky helps the meta-lists go down
The meta-lists go down, meta-lists go down
Just a spoon full of jankness helps the meta-lists
In a most delightful way



$ 0.00 $ 0.00

First off, I actually really like this deck.  At first glance, it seems like it would be bad.  Like, just awful.  And, really, there is no reason why it should work.  But somehow it does.  The deck functions very similarly to the various decks revolving around Spiritomb UNB 112.  The idea is to stack damage counters on Morpeko FST 179 and then hit for huge numbers using its Explosive Discontent attack, which hits for 30 damage times the number of damage counters on Morpeko.  So if you stuck, say, 10 damage counters on him, you'd be hitting for 300.  Potentially more, but more on that later.

Now, I know what you're thinking.  "But Legaly, you big beautiful idiot, Morpeko only has 50 hp.  How can you stack 10 damage counters on him?  That would KO him.  Well, let's talk about that.  


$ 0.00 $ 0.00    $ 0.00 $ 0.00

Morpeko's attack is really good, and can potentially hit for quite a bit.  But he's... what's the term... "a little bit fragile."  Only being able to stack 4 damage counters on him before being knocked out really limits his attacking options.  So what we have here are the two best ways of getting his HP up there.  

First up, Abomasnow CRE 10's ability Toughness Boost increases the HP of all of your Single Strike Pokemon by 50, but you can only apply one at a time (so you can't stack three Abomasnows and get +150 hp).  

The second method is Cape of Toughness DAA 160.  This tool adds 50 HP to any non-GX Pokemon.  

Together, you can add up to 100hp to Morpeko, which means you can put up to 14 damage counters, for a potential attack of at least 420 (more on that later).  Important to keep in mind, though, is if you ever get in a situation that Morpeko has more damage counters than HP, he will be knocked out.  

So.  Now that Morpeko has enough HP to be relevant, how do we get damage counters on him?  


So now that we have set up Morpeko to take the damage, how do we dish it out?  

$ 0.00 $ 0.00    $ 0.00 $ 0.00

These are our damage stackers.  

Old Cemetery CRE 147 puts 20 damage (two damage counters) onto any non-Psychic Pokemon anytime an energy is attached from the hand.  The "from the hand" part is important, because it also triggers from cards like Galarian Moltres EVS 93 and, crucially, Cherrim BST 8.  

The other option is Houndoom BST 96.  Houndoom's ability Single Strike Roar lets you search your deck for a Single Strike Energy BST 141 and attach it to your opponent's pokemon, but it deals 20 damage to the Pokemon.  Single Strike Energy, also, increases the damage output by 20.  So one energy attachment from Houndoom makes Morpeko do 80 damage (2 damage counters  x 30 damage = 60; +20 damage from energy = 80).  


Now that we see what the deck does, let's look at how we facilitate it.  

Evolution Incense SSH 163, Level Ball BST 129, Sonia RCL 167, and Quick Ball FST 237 are your search options.  They find your food.

Professor's Research SSH 178, Snorlax VIV 131, and Marnie CPA 56 are your draw cards.  They put more food on your plate.

Klara CRE 145, Ordinary Rod SSH 171, Rescue Carrier EVS 154, and Urn of Vitality BST 139 are your recovery cards.  They get you more plates so you can eat more food.  

Bird Keeper DAA 159, Boss's Orders RCL 154, and Switch ROS 91 help rearrange your plate so you can fit even MORE food.  

Finally, Karen's Conviction CRE 144 is a damage boosting card, that causes you to hit for 20 more damage for each prize your opponent has taken.  And your opponent will take prizes.  There is just no way around it.  So if they are down three prize cards, your Pokemon is hitting for 60 additional damage.  It can get out of hand very quickly.  


Finally, something must be said for an alternate build.  

$ 0.00 $ 0.00

An alternate version of the deck plays Cherrim BST 8 and used the Spring Bloom ability to turbo out energy onto Morpeko.  Even though it can only attack with a darkness energy, each Grass energy you are able to attach increases your damage by 60 with Old Cemetary out.  This version of the deck, which you can find here, runs Grass energy, as well as energy retrieval and Skyla RCL 166 to turbo out Grass energy and get to the big numbers quickly.  

I think the difference between these two decks comes down to how likely are you to face a large number of Darkness-weak Pokemon.  Morpeko absolutely runs through Mew VMAX FST 114 and Shadow Rider Calyrex V CRE 74.  However, it might have trouble hitting the higher numbers in a Vmax deck that doesn't have darkness-weak pokemon.  I think Cherrim can accelerate out more damage, but the non-Cherrim version sets up quicker.  


At the end of the day, this deck is just fun.  It probably won't top anything or make a significant impact on the meta.  But it is a lot of fun when it goes well.  And the little hangry rat can shock your opponent by how fast it can get up there in numbers.  It's a great deck to try, especially if you like beating $200 decks with $20 decks. Give it a try.   

-LegalySarcastic, Esq.


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