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Jank Hunt: BOOM, Roasted!

So, the pun of the deck is that the attack is "Derivisive Roast," and "Boom Roasted" is from an episode of The Office.  I really struggled with how to open this particular article because, while I always try to open with a fun bit or something relevant, all I could think of were roasts.  Like, what has 200 feet and 3 teeth?  The line of Single Strike Urshifu VMAX BST 86 players waiting to buy Mountain Dew.  See that is objectively funny.  But also kind of cruel.  And I really only try to be cruel in my deck selection, not in my day-to-day life.  So I will abstain from coming up with something roast-related and just share with you the answer to the question I know you're probably asking yourself: No. Your card collection isn't that impressive.  

HAHA!  BOOM, Roasted!  


$ 0.00 $ 0.00    $ 0.00 $ 0.00

A while ago, people were talking about a deck that did some pretty hilarious stuff when it worked.  The deck was based around pairing Salazzle BST 28 with Weepinbell BST 2.  Salazzle's attack, Derisive Roasting, hits for 90 damage per special condition on the defending Pokemon.  Because of the way Special Conditions work in the game, this means Salazzle can hit for 90x3 at the most (Burned, poinsoned, and one of either Confused, Paralyzed, or Asleep).  You'd then combine Weepinbell's Dangerous Mucus ability to put two Special Conditions on, with Yell Horn DAA 173 to put a third on.  Then Salazzle would hit for 270 damage.  But it doesn't stop there.  Your opponent would suffer 10 damage from the poison, plus 20 from the burn.  Meaning you could do 300 damage in one turn.  This was enough to take a one-hit-KO on almost anything in the format.  The deck was a lot of fun when it worked, but suffered from the fact that it was sometimes difficult to chain Salazzle attacks over multiple turns.  So you might get one turn with a massive hit.  But then you could potentially have a turn or two where you couldn't hit for anything because you don't have any Weepinbell to evolve up to.  But perhaps we've found a kindred spirit for Salazzle in Fusion Strike.  


$ 0.00 $ 0.00    $ 0.00 $ 0.00    $ 0.00 $ 0.00

Butterfree FST 3 is the newest addition to the Salazzle pool, and gives us the power of being able to put all three Special Conditions on our opponent's pokemon at once using it's Tricolored Scales abilty, which leaves our opponent Burned, Poisoned, and Confused.  And it's that third one that's really important.  With this one card, Salazzle will hit for 270 +10 + 20.  But that's not the only brilliance on display here.  Butterfree also benefits massively from the fact that both of its pre-evolutions have the Adaptive Evolution ability.  This ability is a gamechanger for the Salazzle deck, as it lets you evolve up from Caterpie > Metapod > Butterfree on the turn that Caterpie enters play.  Usually, you have to wait a turn.  Play Caterpie, then next turn evolve into Metapod or Rare Candy into Butterfree.  Being able to get Butterfree out in one turn means that you are much more likely to be able to swing full damage every turn.  Especially when combined with Scoop Up Net RCL 165.  Net lets you play down your Butterfree, then scoop it up and next turn play it right back again.  It's what the deck always needed.  So, if that's all you need, what are the rest of these cards for?  


The rest of the deck is pretty self-explanatory.  Bruno BST 121 and Raihan EVS 152 are here for when your Pokemon get KO'd.  And, as a single-prize deck, they will absolutely be KO'd.  

Quick Ball SSH 179 and Level Ball BST 129 are here for searching.  Rescue Carrier EVS 154 recovers.  The advantage of Carrier and Level is they can grab every pokemon in the deck except for Butterfree.  Which is not a huge detriment, since Butterfree shouldn't ever be bench-sitting.  Unless you want to avoid a donk.  Likewise Turffield Stadium RCL 170 gives us some search for our evolution pieces, and is really the best stadium for the deck.  

Professor's Research CEL 23 and Marnie CPA 56 are your draw supporters, with Marnie providing a little bit of disruption, as well.  

Finally, Air Balloon SSH 156 and Bosss Orders SHF 58 to help move Pokemon around the field.  


Wrapping up, this is actually a pretty fun deck.  Weepinbell was always just a little shy of being viable as a jank deck.  I don't see this deck topping a Regional.  However, the addition of Butterfree's consistency will probably let you do well at local/smaller events.  And, importantly, the whole deck can be had for less than $20.  If you want to have some fun, and have always wanted to beat your opponent with a salamander giving you bedroom eyes, I'd highly suggest giving this deck a try.  

- LegalySarcastic, Esq.



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