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Hidden Fates: Pewter City Coffee Shop

Welcome to the third and final edition of Hidden Fates articles! With the newest set released we know players are curious to see what decks can be built around its new cards. We wanted to tackle one last deck we thought you all would enjoy, this time based around Onix-GX! To be honest, you could make a very simple deck just around using it and Brock's Pewter City Gym together with a ton of healing cards. We even did just that with our Onix The Tank Engine deck here! If you want something like that you can have it, but we wanted to get a little more creative. Come with us and enjoy the aromas of Pewter City Coffee Shop!

Let's Get Landscaping

Gardenia UPR 124Ludicolo DET 2Net Ball LOT 187

Ludicolo from Detective Pikachu has decided to move to Pewter City and open up its own coffee shop, how fun! The reason we decided to get grassy with this deck is some fantastic synergy of the three cards you see above. Ludicolo's ability Table Service allows it to heal 30 damage from any Pokemon making your Onix-GX that much more tanky. It can be searched for with Net Ball which is rather convenient but it's also able to grab Grass Energy. This makes it so you can use Gardenia to heal your Onix-GX as well. Adding in Great Potion, Buff Padding and Brock's Pewter City Gym, unless your opponent can get a one hit knockout, they won't be taking you down!

Let's Set Up

Bill's Analysis HIF 51Green's Exploration UNB 175Misty's Determination HIF 62

You have a lot of cards in the deck that can really be helpful and need to be searched out. Rare Candy is the obvious first choice, but before your Ludicolo are out, Green's Exploration can grab one of those and maybe Poke Maniac so all of your Onix-GX are out of the deck. Maybe you need to Switch really badly, get out Lotad with Pokemon Communication, or get out Buff Padding with Adventure Bag. Either way this card is useful! Combine this with Bill's Analysis and Misty's Determination and you can easily get out lots of cards to get rolling! 

Dealing Damage

Onix-GX HIF 36

So there's not a lot of Energy in this deck, nor is there Energy acceleration. So do you just plan to deck the opponent out? Well if the opponent lacks ways to actually stop you, yes this isn't a terrible strategy. However there's some really strong Pokemon in the current format that can still just about knock down Onix-GX even with all its boosts. You can certainly attack with Bind, in fact, we recommend it as the possible Paralysis can be helpful. If the opponent is struggling to even keep up the damage however, be brave and build up for Heavy Impact. It takes a majority of the Energy from the deck, but slow and steady wins the race. Besides Brock's Grit is available to help you recover it in case you do actually get knocked out. 

We hope you enjoyed our creative take on an Onix-GX deck! We'd love to hear what you think, especially if you gave the deck a try. Tell us in the comments below or let the deck builder herself know over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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