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Grill The Grill: Palossand-GX

Palossand-GX CES 82Welcome to our first edition of Grill The Grill! Do you have a favorite Pokemon you wish could be the focus of a deck? Do you want to take a card that's difficult to use and force someone to make a deck for it? These articles with give you the opportunity to do this and more! The idea for this article came from /r/pkmntcg, and our first candidate to build a deck for is Palossand-GX. This is thanks to theblackxranger who asked "Will you do a Palossand GX deck? This card never sees play!" 

It's very true, Palossand-GX hasn't really seen much play in tournaments. It has high energy costs to use its attacks which don't even do the most damage. It's GX attack Sandy Fear is powerful, but hard enough to use early enough in the game to make it hard for the opponent. Look at the top 13 cards of your opponent’s deck and discard any number of Pokémon you find there. This attack does 60 damage for each card you discarded in this way. Your opponent shuffles the other cards back into their deck. 

To really put the nail in the coffin, as of now when the rotation hits on August 15th there will be no legal Sandygast card to evolve into Palossand-GX in the first place. The only way to evolve it in standard is Ditto Prism Star at that point. Yes, Pallosand-GX, in general, has been a forgotten card. So what's the best way to try and give it the best chance to find success? We're going to have to go into the Expanded Format to give it the boost it needs. Let's take a look at Palossand's Pals

Milotic FLF 23The toughest part here is getting enough Energy onto Palossand-GX to get it attacking. It takes a lot to get it out there and strong, so once it's out and in play you need to do whatever's possible to keep it alive. It doesn't have the highest HP out of GX cards by any means but it's not hard to keep it out. Its attack Absorb Life even helps keep it healed a bit when used. So let's tackle the first part here, getting enough Energy out.

For this, we're going to use Milotic from XY-Flashfire. We've discussed this card previously in Exploring Explanded: Towering Grace, but let's give everyone a quick recap. Its ability allows you to attach 3 basic Energy cards from your discarded Pokemon if it isn't a Pokemon-EX. Thankfully we've got a GX so we have our loophole and are fine! With Battle Compressor Team Flare Gear, Professor Sycamore, and Ultra Ball it's not hard to get Energy into the discard pile. The tougher part is by doing this, it does count as a knockout which is unfortunate. It will put you a bit behind on prizes.

Despite this weakness, we have ways around it. Martial Arts Dojo will make your attacks even stronger when at a disadvantage in prizes, which Palossand-GX desperately needs. It can also allow us to use Lt. Surge's Strategy to get to play multiple Supporter cards in the same turn. Cards like Pokemon Center Lady which can help keep Palossand-GX tanky. We also includeGold Potion which is easily searched out for by using Korrina. VS Seeker can help pull out your Pokemon Center Lady as well for multiple uses. If you can attach Buff Padding you'll have even more HP to work with to keep your sandy friend out on the field.

The rest of the cards in the deck are self explanatory. Nest Ball will help you get Pokemon out faster. Diance FLI 74 is there as another badly needed damage boost. Any deck with a single N in the Expanded Format is unusual for the most part. Teammates can help you search out whatever cards you may need if your Palossand-GX goes down. 

I hope you enjoyed our first Grill The Grill! Now it's time to hear what you think. Do you have an idea to use Palossand-GX that could be stronger? Is there a deck or card you want to see us focused on next? Tell us in the comments below or tell me directly over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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