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Grill The Grill: Circling Prey

Welcome to another edition of Grill The Grill! Do you have a favorite Pokemon you wish could be the focus of a deck? Do you want to take a card that's difficult to use and force someone to make a deck for it? This is the article for you!

Last time we tackled a deck that made Pallosand-GX as strong as possible. Today's request comes from Robert Preseau, a fan of PokeGoldfish that reached out over on Twitter. His request was to build the best deck in the Standard Format with only Colorless Pokemon. Thankfully he did give me a small break allowing Welder to be used! We came up with several concepts but we think in the end we found something not only creative (so no just throwing out Eevee & Snorlax-GX) but oddly effective with a bit of luck. Plus it doesn't hurt that it comes in under $30 for anyone that wants to give it a try! Let's get a look at the deck: Circling Prey.

Fearow UNB 146So who's our main attacker in the deck? Fearow! Alright we have to say we considered Lickilicky UNM 162 and Noivern FLI 101 but had to settle on Fearow in the end. Simply put it's for its attack Drill Run Double. It may only deal 70 Damage but with a lucky coin flip you're discarding two Energy from the opponent's Pokemon. With decks being so focused on using a lot of Energy especially with Welder (we're guilty of it too here) it can be awesome to stop the opponent from attacking the way they want to.

So what are the other Pokemon for? We've got some serious Colorless support! Dunsparce CES 110 can make setting up your bench incredibly fast with its attack Strike and RunSearch your deck for up to 3 Basic Pokémon and put them onto your Bench. Then, shuffle your deck. If you put any Pokémon onto your Bench in this way, you may switch this Pokémon with 1 of your Benched Pokémon. Starting the game off with it? Amazing! If not, it's so easy to retreat into it with U-Turn Board in the mix.

Still, maybe you want to keep the opponent unable to get those Energy back. Outside of using Fisherman there's no fast way to get Energy from the discard pile that isn't an item card. Especially with Fire Crystal these days, it's not too tough to get them back. But if you use Noibat FLI 100 you can force the opponent to discard all the items cards in their hand thanks to its attack Destructive Sound! Lavender Town also can let you know when to unleash the attack. 

Maybe you can try to stall them out a bit too. While not always perfect, we couldn't forget Slakoth UNM 167. Using Lazy Howl you can force the opponent to end their turn if they actually can get the attachment you've been trying to deny with your attacks and Crushing Hammer combined. Finally, we couldn't forget Ditto DET 17. This is legitimately just in case you come up against a high power Fire deck. Throw some Energy on and use their crazy attacks against them. Have fun with this one!

We hope you all enjoyed this Colorless deck, especially you Robert! We want to have even more challenges for decks so be sure to give some more challenges in the comments below or Grill the Grill herself over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers! 

Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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