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Flash Forward: Dragapult VMAX, Mad Party, and Cramorant VMAX Decks

Hello and welcome to Flash Forward, the article series that provides you with a sneak peek of some decks that will be Standard legal with the release of the next upcoming set. As we near the release of Japan's Single Strike Master and Rapid Strike Master expansions, the time for Shiny Star V decks comes to a close. But I still have a few more decks from Shiny Star V Standard to show you, so let's get started.

Dragapult VMAX / Lycanroc-GX Deck

We get started this week by taking a look at a deck that attacks on multiple fronts. Let's take a look at it.

The main attacker in this deck is Dragapult VMAX RCL 93. With its Max Phantom attack, you'll deal 130 damage to your opponent's Active Pokemon, while also dealing 5 damage counters to your opponent's Benched Pokemon in any way you'd like. This can allow you to score multiple Knock Outs with a single attack. That can be very nice when it happens, but you'll usually need to attack a couple of times at minimum before you deal enough damage, since 130 is a tad low.

To counter the low damage output, this deck includes a few tricks. Both Crushing Hammer SSH 159 and Team Yell Grunt SSH 184 provide a means of slowing your opponent down by removing Energy they have attached to their Pokemon. Lycanroc-GX TEU 82's Twilight Eyes Ability allows you to discard an Energy attached to your opponent's Active Pokemon when you evolve into Lycanroc-GX TEU 82. You can get multiple uses out of this Ability thanks to Devolution Spray Z UNB 166. Once your opponent has some Energy in their discard pile, you can use Lycanroc-GX TEU 82 as a secondary, one-time attacker utilizing its Splintered Shards-GX attack, which deals extra damage based on the amount of Energy in your opponent's discard pile.

There are no cards that need to be changed due to rotation, so feel free to try this deck out right now.

Mad Party Deck

The next deck I have for you features Pokemon with the Mad Party attack. Let's take a look at the deck.

This deck is all about maximizing your damage when you use the Mad Party attack. There are a total of sixteen Pokemon that have this attack in this deck, and you'll need a majority of them in your discard pile in order to OHKO (one hit Knock Out) an opponent's heavy hitters. Keep in mind that the Pokemon that have the Mad Party attack generally don't have that many HP's themselves, so if you attack early on with a handful of Mad Party Pokemon in your discard pile, you're likely to be Knocked Out with your opponent's next attack, which will add to the damage of future Mad Party attacks you make.

There are a number of cards that need to be changed in order to make this deck Standard legal. Jirachi Prism Star CES 97, Acro Bike CES 123, Mysterious Treasure FLI 113, and Tate & Liza CES 148 have all rotated from Standard and will need to be replaced. Since many of these cards are Items that allow you to discard cards, they will be difficult to replace. My suggestions for a replacement would be four copies of Familiar Bell DAA 161, to help you find the Pokemon with Mad Party from your deck. I would also add four copies of Roxie CEC 205, to allow you to discard Pokemon from your hand while also digging further into your deck. The final replacement I would make would be to add one copy of Ingo & Emmet TEU 144, which allows you to discard your entire hand.

Here's my version of this deck with changes made to make it legal in Standard.

Cramorant VMAX / Porygon-Z Deck

The final deck I have for you features the Energy acceleration of Porygon-Z UNB 157 to its fullest. Let's check it out.

New Card Translations

Cramorant VMAX – Colorless – HP320
VMAX Pokemon – Evolves from Cramorant V

[C][C][C] G-Max Propulsion: 80x damage. Flip a coin for each Energy attached to this Pokemon. This attack does 80 damage for each heads.

When your Pokemon VMAX is Knocked Out, your opponent takes 3 Prize cards.

Weakness: Lightning (x2)
Resistance: Fighting (-30)
Retreat: 2

Thanks to the power of Porygon-Z UNB 157's Crazy Code Ability, you'll be able to attach multiple Special Energy cards from your hand to your Pokemon during your turn. This allows you to quickly use attacks requiring more Energy to use, which usually deal more damage. You'll usually want to attach this Energy to Cramorant VMAX, allowing you to maximize the damage potential of its G-Max Propulsion attack. Since this attack deals damage based on the amount of coin flips you win, make sure to utilize Glimwood Tangle DAA 162 to re-flip any results that are super bad.

Since this deck utilizes a pair of Memory Energy LOT 194, which are no longer Standard legal, these cards will need to be replaced. One replacement would be [[Memory Capsule VIV 155]. This would allow you the ability to play Cramorant V SSH 155's Spit Shot attack if it were attached to Cramorant VMAX. However, this reduces the amount of Special Energy in the deck, lessening the effectiveness of Porygon-Z UNB 157's Crazy Code Ability. Because of this, I would suggest replacing Memory Energy LOT 194 with a couple of additional Draw Energy CEC 209, as this will allow you to draw a card when it is attached to a Pokemon, potentially allowing you to draw into an additional Energy card.

Here's my version of this deck with changes made to make it legal in Standard.

Wrapping Up

Shiny Star V decks have shown us that new and exciting decks are on the way. While they may not all be as powerful as some of our existing decks, they hold a lot of potential. Next week, we'll begin looking at decks featuring new cards from the Single Strike Master and Rapid Strike Master expansions from Japan.

What do you think of these decks? Do you have any suggestions for improvements? Leave a comment below and let me know what Pokemon you'd like to see featured in next week's decks.

And be sure to join me here again next week as I continue showing you innovative decks using cards from upcoming sets. I'll see you then (in the future!)

- Mike Likes


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