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Exploring Expanded: Hypno's Slumber Party

Hypno BKP 51Welcome to Exploring Expanded, the article where we take a look at decks in the Expanded Format! This time we're going to be looking at a more budget deck with a cute little premise to work around for those that may want to try playing in the Expanded Format without a huge initial investment. That and this deck is probably great if you constantly feel like you need to take a nap like a certain grill that might be writing this article...

Anyways consider yourself officially invited a slumber party! Don't worry too much that it's being hosted by Hypno, I'm certain they won't commit the party foul of eating your dreams! Probably... So why do we have Hypno putting Pokemon to sleep? The main reason is the epicly named ability Goodnight, BabiesOnce during your turn (before your attack), you may leave both Active Pokémon Asleep.

So why would you want to leave your own Pokemon asleep you may reasonably ask? Well, I'm sure Pokemon need a good eight hours like the rest of us! Outside of that however, there are some particularly drowsy Pokemon that really could use the extra rest. In fact, these Pokemon have attacks they can only use to their full potential if they're actually asleep! Plus let's be real, leaving your opponent asleep can be a big pain in their butts right? 

Sound interesting? Well pop on your pajamas, play some lullabies, and try not to pass out as we take a look at our deck!

Komala GRI 114So who do we have attacking that needs sleep? How about a Pokemon that literally never wakes up? "It is born asleep, and it dies asleep. All its movements are apparently no more than the results of it tossing and turning in its dreams." That is a literal Pokedex description for Komala! Its ability Comatose does help you get it to sleep if needed as it needs to be asleep to deal a whopping 100 Damage with Hypno Roll! (Hey, Hypno's even in the move!)

Of course our next sleepy companion has to come in the form of Snorlax! Thankfully there's no Poke Flute to wake him this time because we want to use his attack Toss and Turn to maximum effect! 

[C][C][C] Toss and Turn: 30+
This attack can be used even if this Pokémon is Asleep. If it is, this attack does 90 more damage.

Perfect, they both even take the same amount of Energy! So how do we power them up? Well everyone knows being warm makes for a comfy nap so let's bring in a Welder to make it happen! Using it and then attaching another Energy has you ready to rumble. In the Expanded Format Trainers' Mail can get the Energy into your hand for easy use. Of course Heat Factory Prism Star is wonderful for draw power and you have Fire Crystal to bring back extra Energy if you need!

Grabbing the Pokemon you need is easy as well. Level Ball can grab Hypno, Drowzee, and Komala! Of course Nest Ball is also there for getting Snorlax or whatever other Basic Pokemon you need at the moment. As you're not using any GX Pokemon, Shrine of Punishment is a great card too (though to be fair Slumbering Forest could fit incredibly well too). The rest of our cards are mostly Expanded Format staples for drawing cards, dealing with the opponent, and things like that.

We do hope you enjoyed this edition of Exploring Expanded! If we didn't put you to sleep, we'd love to hear what you thought. Do you like the deck concept? Did you give it a try and have some fun? Tell us in the comments below or tell the deck builder herself on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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