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Deck Crafters: Clover Stall

Missing Clover UPR 129

Stall decks seem to have become all the rage. Especially at the Roanoke Regionals, where many players piloting them reached Day 2 and beyond in the bracket. Stall decks however, run into two major issues; trying to win if their strategy of stalling is countered and facing other stall decks. When the card Missing Clover was originally released in Ultra Prism many players wanted to try and make the card work. Trying to combine Oranguru from the same set alongside Looker seemed like the best option at the time, but it simply didn't work.

With the release of Lost Thunder however, a new tool was released that could change the game for this unique item card: Lanturn! Specifically, it's attack Salvage:

[C] Salvage
Shuffle 4 cards from your discard pile into your deck.

This can get all of your Missing Clover back to where you can grab them incredibly quick! But how to find them from there... Thankfully there may be a solid answer! Hampuss Eriksson managed to take a Sylveon-GX stall deck to 1st Place at the Offenbach Regionals, and in general Sylveon-GX stall decks have been able to find success. With their ability to find the proper cards you need to keep stalling as well as search out Missing Clover from the deck, they are the perfect tool to utilize with our Lanturn. With this in mind we've taken the general structure of the deck piloted by Hampuss Eriksson and created this deck!

Shuckle-GX LOT 17As always, we started with our win condition: taking 6 prizes. We're doing so differently by using Missing Clover! We need a way to quickly get it into our hands and thankfully Sylveon-GX fits the bill perfectly. All it takes is a single energy to search for any three cards you desire! With how consistently Eevee can set it up, it gets rolling quick. Normally the Sylveon-GX stall variants use only Eevee and Sylveon-GX but we can't in this case. Ditto Prism Star is an obvious add as it makes potential evolutions easier, especially with Lanturn in the deck. We've also taken the Chinchou from Lost Thunder as Paralysis could be helpful for the stall more than any other legal Chinchou.

Finally, we've included a single Shuckle-GX. This is helpful to try and stall out the opponent as on the bench, it forces your opponent to have at least 3 energies attached to start attacking, and with your power to remove them while Salvaging Crushing Hammer it should make it hard for the opponent to attack. Also on the off chance that somehow two Missing Clover are prized, you need a way to try and take prizes and Shuckle-GX can work if desperate.

Let's take a look at the next oddity of the deck. Altar of Moone is in the deck with 4 Psychic energy. As you have little ability for Switching without using pure retreat, this is your option to make fast switches needed for the deck to work. Both Lanturn and Shuckle-GX in a pinch can use the single colorless energy to launch off their attacks and make a fast retreat. There's not many Psychic energies to use for this, so place them wisely and use Guzma when you can to make things work. Either way Sylveon-GX could be used to quickly search them out and get this small combo rolling.

The rest of the deck is rather standard for a stalling deck. Gladion is a smart addition to hopefully grab a Missing Clover if it happens to get prized. With the ability to recover items, your Pal Pad and Rescue Stretcher can have multiple uses so you don't need multiple in the deck when you can search them out so quickly. Combine Pal Pad and Lusamine together and you can keep your deck full indefinitely in case you need to just stall out the finish. 

Girafarig LOT 94The last and most important part of this deck is to make sure when you have a chance to search the deck for a card you fully know what is available. You can pull three cards a search, which could be two Missing Clover and one other card, or waiting and taking simply one Missing Clover and two cards you need to continue the stall. You need to know what cards are there to take, what you need most, what you may need to evolve your Lanturn, and much more. This deck takes a lot of thinking to pilot properly, but if worked correctly it can bring you the win.

This article would not be complete without mentioning its main weaknesses. First, Hand Disruption from the likes of Judge or Marshadow with Let Loose can take the cards out of your hand, especially Missing Clover, and throw them back into the deck for you to search out. Also, seeing Girafarig from Lost Thunder strikes fear into the heart of this deck. At that point, the deck is running pure stall without as many tools. Losing Missing Clover to the Lost Zone takes the deck out of its element so be careful!

I want to know what you think! Could this deck make a big dent in a tournament? Did you give it a try and find success? Are there better cards the deck could use? Let us know in the comments below or pop me a comment directly on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers! 


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