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Creative Concepts: Prism Star Fighters

Welcome to another edition of Creative Concepts! These articles take a look at decks that take creative combinations of cards and bring them together to form a potentially powerful deck. Everyone loves the potential of a Prism Star card. Only one can be in every deck, but they tend to have stronger attacks and powers than other Pokemon. If only there could be more than one of each in a deck. What if we could make that a reality... kind of? What if we could take the awesomeness of a single Prism Star Pokemon and combine it with the awesomeness of several other Prism Star Pokemon to create a deck that used ONLY Prism Star Pokemon? Oh yes we decided to get that crazy. Let's take a look at this creative deck and see how it works!

Arceus FLI 96One of the main ideas this deck takes to unleash the most damage is to have a lot of Energy attached to your Pokemon. Both Shaymin Prism Star and Lunala Prism Star have attacks that gain power depending on how much Energy is on the field. Giratina Prism Star and Darkrai Prism Star have attacks that simply need a lot of Energy to be used in the first place. So how do we get all of this Energy onto the field?

Giratina and Darkrai can get two Energy played for free if you have them ready in your hand. Lady can work incredibly well to set you up for this and sort out which Energy you need in general. PokeNav can help grab an Energy or a Pokemon but it has to be one of the top three cards of the deck. Don't forget Viridian Forest can help as well! 

The fastest way to make things work is to use Arceus! We included Tapu Koko Prism Star as well as Volcanion so you have the Lightning Type and Water Type you need alongside the Shaymin already included. Attack with Trinity Star and you have a Pokemon ready to go! From there you have a littany of strange and powerful attacks to try and pull off on your opponent. In case one of the Pokemon you need is prized we also have a couple Gladion as well to help out.

Let's check out some of the other fun parts to the deck! First, we included a single Friend Ball. You run seven types of Pokemon in this deck, odds are this can help you get a Pokemon you need at some point. We also included Lisia because any two Prism Star Pokemon into your hand at any time can be very convenient! There's also Energy Retrieval alongside Exp. Share to try and keep your Energy in play as much as possible. Plus Rainbow Energy can be used on any of these Pokemon for their attacks, too good to not include! 

We know this deck is a little on the wacky side of creative but we still hope you enjoyed the concept! We want to hear what you think. Can you build a deck using only Prism Star Pokemon better than this build? Tell us in the comments below tell the deck builder herself over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers! 

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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