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Creative Concepts: Hurricane Flow & Cooling Magma

Magcargo-GX LOT 44Welcome back to another edition of Creative Concepts! There's a lot of strong Fire Type attackers currently in the format thanks to cards like Welder and Giant Hearth but many of them are a bit expensive due to this popularity. Blacephelon-GX, Reshiram & Charizard-GX, you get the picture. We wanted to make a deck with a lesser-seen attacker that could still pull off major damage even if it took some very creative options to make that damage output as high as it could be. 

We decided to go with Magcargo-GX! Its main attack Lava Flow reads as follows:

[F][F][C] Lava Flow: 50+
Discard any amount of basic Energy from this Pokémon. This attack does 50 more damage for each card you discarded in this way.

Its ability Crushing Charge can help it charge up, but that's not really fast enough in the end. Look closely at the attack however. Any amount of basic Energy . . . it doesn't even have to be Fire Energy! There's lots of ways to get Energy onto a Magcargo and we found two options too awesome not to share. With that in mind, let's start off with Hurricane Flow

Charging Up

Dragonite UNM 151Lady FLI 109Welder UNB 189

Of course, there's no way we didn't use Welder in this deck as it's simply one of the best draw cards in the entire format. Combining it with Giant Hearth as previous mentioned also works wonders, especially with the build we're going for. As we can use any basic Energy we decided to use a Pokemon in the format that can get those Energy attached faster than almost any other, Dragonite! Attaching a single Lightning and Water Energy from your hand each turn means at a minimum an extra 100 damage when attacking with Magcargo. Thanks to Giant Hearth weeding out the Fire Energy nicely, you're more likely to draw into those other Energy sources. If that doesn't work just call on Lady to bring them out!

With Dratini, Rare Candy, and Lance Prism Star in the mix it's easy to get multiple of these onto the field so you can attach fast. Brock's Grit and Energy Recycler can help get those discarded Energy back into the deck for multiple attacks as well. Oh and if you need one of those cards especially hard why not use Magcargo CES 24 to put it on top of the deck? There's also the bonus of PokeNav letting you leave an Energy on top of the deck for Magcargo-GX's ability. Overall this deck has some serious synergy, but it wasn't the only option we came up with. Time for a look at Cooling Magma!

Charging Up

Blastoise TEU 25

This deck has a far more simple approach to charging Energy. All you have to do is use Powerful Squall! It's not guaranteed to be as consistent as Dragonite's Hurricane Charge but it comes with its own set of advantages. First, there's a focus on only one kind of Energy for charging up, leaving the deck a little less wild. Second, it doesn't need other supporting cards to draw the Energy out of the deck. Third, and most important of all however, is hitting for weakness! 

Let's explain. You could theoretically attack with Dragonite as well if you really needed a secondary attacker right? But will it be hitting for weakness? If you face another deck using Fire Pokemon suddenly your Blastoise is not only powering up Magcargo-GX but also has the ability to get a OHKO on any Fire Pokemon in the entire format! It's got the potential to demolish your opponent in an epic way so we have to say it's worth giving a try!

We hope you enjoyed both Creative Concepts we showed off for you today! We'd love to hear what you think about the decks, especially if you gave them a try. Be sure to drop a comment below or let the deck builders herself know over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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