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Creative Concepts: Clover Salvage

Missing Clover UPR 129Welcome to another edition of Creative Concepts! These articles take a look at decks that take creative combinations of cards and bring them together to form a potentially powerful deck. Missing Clover, a card that is quite curious as a way to take prizes without dealing any damage. We have tried to create a deck using it before but with a recent deck we decided to give it another look with new tools and a fresh perspective!

We recently covered a deck created by Pedro Eugenio Torres in a Going Rogue article. The idea involved self milling the deck to a very limited amount of cards making it easy to not only grab any cards needed, but recycle constantly so you could not deck out. Using Shedinja LOT 95 the opponent would not be able to take prizes and you could slowly drain the opponent of all resources until they lost. The deck was obviously effective but included tools to help those impatient to try to end the game earlier. For those of us less patient and wanting an even more creative approach we decided to make it so in the end, you could win by taking away the opponent's prizes instead! 

Of course, we had to make some changes for the deck to work in this new form. What changes did we make? Take a quick look at the Going Rogue article then keep going to see the decklist below! 

Pidgeotto TEU 123First, how do we get the Missing Clover back into the deck and thus available to grab again? No Oranguru this time, we decided to go with Lanturn! Its ability Salvage works faster as it can grab every Missing Clover from the discard at once and return them to the deck. However this does create a problem. As you will draw a Missing Clover at the beginning of every turn, there is no way to use Zebstrika LOT 82 for its fast discard and draw power. 

So what replaces it? Pidgeotto! It comes with several advantages. First, it's easily searchable as well as Pidgey TEU 122, Shedinja, and Nincada LOT 29 with Professor Elm's Lecture which can give you serious speed in getting set up. Second, it allows you to draw with Air Mail for your Missing Clover once the deck is low without issues. Third its ability allows you to potentially set up the bottom of your deck so the Ingo & Emmet included can have added synergy!

In general, the deck is designed to try and get low quickly without the Zebstika and has several tools to help. With Acro Bike and Judge Whistle you can slide through the deck a bit faster as well. With Lanturn's Salvage you can also recycle these back into the deck to try and keep your deck thinning faster. Salvage has other uses as well. Need some Supporters back? Pop off Pal Pad and get it back as needed! Running low on Energy? Energy Retrieval is here! You'll be able to keep gaining tools as needed, which can help you get whatever you need in your highly thinned deck.

There are a few other small things worth mentioning. Gladion is included in case your Missing Clover ends up prized. You can still win the game by slowly stalling the opponent without it, but the deck does lose some magic that way. Your Pokemon don't have high HP, so Sky Pillar can help protect them on the bench. Finally, as this is kind of a whimsical deck, we included some random Energy. You only need a single colorless to attack, so feel free to have a bit of fun with this!

We hope you enjoyed checking out our Clover Salvage deck! We'd love to hear if you tried this and found success or what tweaks you might make to make it run better. Tell us in the comments below or let the deck designer herself know over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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