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Creative Concepts: Cherished Flames ($60)

Welcome to Creative Concepts where we show off creative combinations that can get you wins! This is the final deck we'll be showing off for Fire Week, a week based on showing off different ways to play the powerful fire-based tools in the format. Welder, Heat Factory Prism Star, Giant Hearth, Fiery Flint, there are just so many fantastic cards out there for Fire types right now. Over this week we've shown off several budget builds and other fun combinations but it's time to show off something that really packs some heat!

Reshiram is tired of sharing the spotlight with Charizard and wants to team up with someone else! While they may not be a Tag Team Pokemon, they still can manage some serious damage all while giving up a few fewer prizes when they go down. Let's end this on with a bang as we show off Cherished Flames!

Bring On The Fire

Reshiram-GX PR-SM SM137Blaziken-GX CES 28

This deck keeps up the explosive starts you can find from Reshiram & Charizard-GX but takes it in a different direction. Combine a Flame Charge with a Welder and you can already start wailing on the opponent with Scorching Column! Of course, what really makes things strong is Vermilion-GX. With this attack, using cards like Fiery Flint and Giant Hearth you can get your secondary attacker charged and ready to bring on the pain.

That second attacker is Blaziken-GX. As it's a Stage 2 Pokemon it can take a bit longer to get into the active. Thankfully with Wela Volcano Park and Scorching Column Reshiram can still hurt the opponent so you can sweep the legs with Explosive Kick once the time is right. There's some serious damage output available here to be taken advantage of, once there's a couple of Torchic on the bench and a GX attack to have them charged, bring out the big guns and get to burning the place down. Just remember against single prize decks, focusing on Wela Volcano Park and Reshiram-GX isn't a bad idea as it can hit that 130HP threshold needed to knock most of them over. 

Don't forget you have one last toy to play with: Giant Bomb. If the opponent wants to take out your Pokemon in a single hit, make them regret it or be forced to play around it and use cards they may not want to play at the time. You'll only lose two prizes while the opponent likely loses three if they can fully power up a strong Tag Team assault!

Let's Set Up

Cherish Ball UNM 191Green's Exploration UNB 175Pokemon Communication TEU 152

Green's Exploration can help get those Rare Candy out fast but that's not all it's there for. A lot of this deck can be thinned out very quickly by using the correct item cards at the right moment. Not to mention Vermilion-GX needs to be able to go off on the correct turn. Energy Spinner, Fiery Flint, and Giant Hearth at the right moments can do this.

Of course, we also include Cherish Ball which makes searching out Pokemon rather nice. Combining it with Pokemon Communication to bring out Torchic can save that day at critical times. Don't forget to use Reset Stamp to slow down the opponent as well. You need time to have Blaziken on the bench and ready to rumble.

Keldeo-GX UNM 47Jessie & James HIF 58Espeon & Deoxys-GX UNM 72

This deck hates Keldeo-GX. Of course this can be played around with things like Victini Prism Star so if this is a card you see often, set yourself up for success and tech in a couple of non GX attackers. Losing critical cards for setup can also be a pain be it through having them discarded or simply disrupted by Reset Stamp and Judge. Finally, cards that can spread big damage to the bench can really hurt. Torchic isn't exactly a tanky Pokemon and something like Cross Division-GX can change the entire game against your favor. 

We hope you enjoyed our fiery celebration this week as well at Cherished Flames! We'd love to hear what you think, especially if you tried out the deck. Tell us all your thoughts in the comments below or let the deck builder herself know over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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