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Creative Concepts: Bench Menace

Pidgeot TEU 124Welcome to Creative Concepts where decks with creative combinations of cards form a potentially powerful deck!  There are three major ways to win a match in the Pokemon Trading Card Game. You can take six prizes, force your opponent to draw all of their cards, or force your opponent to have no Pokemon left on the field. Today's deck does the latter in a curious fashion! This is all possible thanks to the new Pidgeot that comes to us from Team Up. It has two attacks which play off of each other well. Let's give them both a look.

[C][C] Whirlwind: 60
Your opponent switches their Active Pokémon with 1 of their Benched Pokémon.

[C][C][C] Spin Storm:
Put your opponent’s Active Pokémon and all cards attached to it into your opponent’s hand.

Whirlwind can bring out Pokemon that may not be able to take down Pidgeot, and Spin Storm can send them back to the opponent's hand to make things difficult! Especially against decks like Lost March or any deck that uses Rare Candy, this could be painfully annoying. It has the potential to make decks that need to pile a lot of Energy onto one Pokemon, like Tag Team-GX decks, struggle. It can also allow you to snipe 60 HP or less Pokemon commonly found in the meta. 

The major point of this deck however, is to make use of Spin Storm and a few other unique cards to clear your opponent's bench and win the game. Let's take a look at what Pidgeot and its deck Bench Menace has to offer!

Cyrus Prism Star UPR 120As you are sending the cards from your opponent's bench into their hand when you use Spin Storm, while only doing so one at a time, there's no way outside of a lot of luck or specific circumstances that you will be winning the game using it alone. There is a card that can help however: Cyrus Prism Star. With it, you can force the opponent to take two benched Pokemon and return them to their deck as long as a Water or Steel Type Pokemone is active. 

This is why we include Wishiwashi SUM 44. Pidgeot luckily has free retreat, so it can easily switch into it. Afterwords, you play Cyrus Prism Star, forcing the opponent to hopefully clear the two Pokemon they have on the bench. After that, Wishiwashi's ability Cowardice comes into play. Once during your turn (before your attack), you may discard all cards attached to this Pokémon and return it to your hand. You can't use this Ability during your first turn or on the turn this Pokémon was put into play.

With it returned to your hand, if you use Spin Storm you can remove their last Pokemon from the field and win the game! Combining this with your Whirlwind to snipe Basic Pokemon and you have a shot! Of course, we can make this easier as well. By playing Sudowoodo GRI 66 we can force the opponent to have less Pokemon on the bench due to its ability Roadblock

The deck comes with some built in advantages as well. Pidgeotto TEU 123 comes with its own built in drawing power thanks to its ability Air MailOnce during your turn (before your attack), you may look at the top 2 cards of your deck and put 1 of them into your hand. Put the other card on the bottom of your deck. This naturally allows you some draw power while you wait to fully evolve into your main attacker. It also gives you options on which cards you want to draw

Pidgeotto TEU 123This card has a lot of synergy with Looker as it allows you to draw from the bottom of the deck. You can set yourself up so you know which cards are coming to you and draw everything you could have wanted instead of only the one card Pidgeotto provides. This gets even stronger with multiple Pidgeotto on the field. The deck also includes Judge Whistle which while there's no Judge being ran in the deck, does provide some free draw power, thinning, and acceleration all in one. 

The deck also includes all of the counter cards, Counter Gain, Counter Catcher, and Counter Energy. As you aren't taking as many Prize Cards, there's a strong chance you'll be able to use all of these. Counter Gain can help make it so Pidgeot only needs a single Energy to attack with Spin Storm which can be very helpful. With Counter Energy, you can potentially have double colorless when you are behind, and it still works to provide the Energy needed for Spin Storm as well. Counter Catcher can allow you to more easily pull out Basic Pokemon to snipe off with Whirlwind as needed. 

There's only a few more cards in the deck to take note of. Gladion is included in case any of your important combo cards end up prized. Sky Pillar is also included, not only to help with the stadium war but to protect your fragile Pidgeotto and Pidgey on the bench as they don't have much HP. We also do include a small amount of Fighting Energy, mostly for the odd off chance that attacking with Sudowoodo could be helpful in a given match. 

Finally, we include two Rescue Stretcher as there's a good chance you'll need to recover some of your new bird friends a few times as knockouts occur. There is potential to tweak this deck idea with other cards as well, so we encourage readers to experiment! This deck also is relatively low budget, so it's easy to pick up the cards if you're eager to try it out!

That's all for this edition of Creative Concepts! Now it's time to hear about what you think. Like the idea? Hate it? Think we missed some cards that could make it better? Tell us in the comments below or let me know directly over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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