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Creative Concepts: Attacking Regigigas

Regigigas CIN 84Welcome to another edition of Creative Concepts! These articles take a look at decks that take creative combinations of cards and bring them together to form a potentially powerful deck. Regigigas is able to control the three legendary titans and is truly a titan in its own right. A Basic Pokemon 180 HP, and capable of dealing 160 damage. There's only two problems, the first being it's pesky ability: Seal of Antiquity.

AbilitySeal of Antiquity
This Pokémon can’t attack unless Regirock, Regice, and Registeel are on your Bench.

Having to clog up the bench with three Pokemon that can't really help boost you up in any major way is quite a problem. Thankfully, we have a solution. With Alolan Muk SUM 58's ability Power of Alchemy which essentially removes Regigigas's ability so it can attack! It also can slow down your opponents in many ways especially if they're running Jirachi TEU 99 or other cards.

We did say there was two problems however. The second issue is that it takes a whopping five energy to use its attack Giant Stomp. It takes a lot to get all of that equipped and quickly enough to make it attack properly. Let alone if you do get it equipped, losing it once you get knocked out isn't fun. Thankfully Wishful Baton can help slightly with the latter, but we still need a way to get all of these Energy attached. 

We've done some looking and found three engines that can be used to power up this legendary behemoth so you can stomp your enemies into the dust! We've developed three separate decks, each at a varying price point with varying degrees of effectiveness. Of course more expensive and powerful cards are going to help you see success, but each deck works well enough regardless. Let's start by looking at the first deck, Kiawe's Regigigas! 

Tapu Lele-GX GRI 60As the name of the deck implies, Kiawe is the main tool for accelerating Energy onto Regigigas. It does end the turn immediately after use however, and doesn't power up Regigigas all the way so it's important to try and do a single Energy attachment first before playing it. With a bit of luck you can be smashing the opponent for 160 damage on your first shot at attacking! This is especially potent if you go first, as there's no way you can attack and there's almost no way the opponent can put something out that can stand up to 160 damage. 

With Kiawe being such an important turn one pull, we need a way to try and guarantee we can use it. For this we use Tapu Lele-GX. It's ability Wonder Tag allows us to bring a Kiawe out from anywhere in the deck quickly. We also have several ways to search it out including Nest Ball, Ultra Ball, and Mysterious Treasure. The latter card has some wonderful synergy in pulling your Alolan Grimer and Alolan Muk as well since you need an Alolan Muk ready to launch your attack. It also can use its attack Energy Drive if needed with the Double Colorless Energy in the deck. 

While Giant Stomp does discard stadiums in play, Viridian Forest still can be a helpful one off to get that extra energy you need after Kiawe is played. We also include a Gladion in case the Alolan Muk or Alolan Grimer you may need ends up prized so you can retrieve it. Alongside your cards for draw power and the obvious Fire Energy we need to make Kiawe run, this is the deck!

Of course this method is quite expensive for a deck, so what about something on the opposite end? Here's how to get attacking with Regigigas at a fraction of the cost!

Starmie TEU 65For this deck we couldn't use an expensive card like Tapu Lele-GX to get Energy out onto the field. Thankfully with Team Up came a wonderful budget card that can get out Energy fast in Starmie! Its attack Strange Wave reads as follows:

[C] Strange Wave: 40
Search your deck for up to 3 in any combination of [W] and [P] Energy cards and attach them to 1 of your Benched Pokémon. Then, shuffle your deck

With one Strange Wave and a Double Colorless Energy Regigigas is ready to attack! We included both Psychic and Water Energy in the deck mostly for a bit of fun and to potentially misdirect opponents on the off chance of a mulligan as either works with the attack. Lucky that Giant Stomp takes colorless right? It's also incredibly fortunate that Starmie has free retreat making it an easy switch in to your main attacker.

Of course this is a budget deck, so we have to use a little more limited cards. We do have a Counter Catcher as it's likely enough a Starmie will get knocked out. We do also have Custom Catcher not only for its potential gusting effects, but as a tiny bit of draw power if needed instead of an Oranguru or something similar. To search out the Pokemon and Energy we need, we have PokeNav which can also grab Double Colorless Energy making it extra helpful! We also include Timer Ball since you have a few more evolving Pokemon in this deck.

Finally, we have to use some cheaper draw power cards. Hau is simple, cheap, and effective as well as Tate & Liza which can even bring a little utility with it. 

Maybe you want a deck a bit more in the middle of the road however, not too expensive, but not exactly budget. This next deck was incredibly fun to craft and might potentially be the best of the three presented in this article. Here's Regigigas's Fairy Friends!

Morgan TEU 149So how does this deck work? The main way to get Energy on fast is going to be through the new card Morgan. We run a high energy count to try and make sure when you look through the 12 cards you have a high chance of having enough to attach, but especially including Double Colorless Energy this should be rather easy! Of course to use Morgan you also need Dana, Evelyn, and Nita. So how do we try and get these all in hand at the same time?

Enter Sylveon-GX! It's incredibly easy to evolve into and use quickly thanks to Eevee's ability Energy Evolution, and its own attack Magical Ribbon allows you to search the deck for three cards. Just the right number! It also has some nice synergy with the Double Colorless Energy in case you need to attack with its other attacks as well. We do include a single Fairy Charm UB as well to be searched out that can help you hard counter some decks you may come up against.

Of course Sylveon-GX can search out your other important cards as well like your Wishful Baton as using the Morgan combo more than once may be difficult. Don't forget though that your Dana, Evelyn, and Nita can be useful in their own rights as well! If the opponent has the correct kind of Pokemon out, searching one of these to use could be very helpful. Of course it's also great to grab your Alolan Muk and Alolan Grimer as well so you can manage to get attacking. Just be sure to not get out Alolan Muk until after you've used Eevee's ability. 

We hope you've enjoyed seeing three ways to use Regigigas as your main attacker! Did you try out any of these decks and find success? Are there some other ways to make Regigigas your main attacker we didn't mention? Tell us in the comments below or tell me directly on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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