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Cosmic Eclipse: Alolan NineTools

Welcome to another article on Cosmic Eclipse! Need to know what decks you'll see on the ladder or at tournaments now that Cosmic Eclipse has been released? Looking for new decks to try yourself? Then these articles are just what you need! Today we'll be looking at Alolan NineTools, which discards huge portions of your deck to tack on serious damage. We'll be discussing how this deck works, talk about different cards that can be teched in, then discuss the deck's matchup spread in the current format. We know you're excited to see this new deck, so let's get started!

Destructive Discard

Alolan Ninetales CEC 145Hapu UNM 200Zebstrika LOT 82

Acro Bike CES 123The main attacker in this deck is a part of its namesake, Alolan Ninetales! With its attack Rubbish Blizzard it does 10 damage for each Pokemon Tool card in your discard pile. This deck has plenty of tools to get them out of the deck and into the discard pile so the damage stacks fast. Zebtrika's ability Sprint not only discards but can save you from Reset Stamp or other forms of hand control. Hapu can help grab whatever Pokemon or other cards you may need while tossing the tools you don't to the side. It doesn't even stop there either, with Adventure Bag and Acro Bike you almost need to be careful you don't deck yourself out!

There's also something to be said about not tossing every single tool, some are very useful. The obvious choices would be the Fairy Charms that can stop opponents in their tracks if they don't run Custom Catcher and even if they do still slow them massively down. Having the right amount of Escape Board to keep Jirachi going is also important, plus Giant Bomb can be helpful if the opponent is swinging in for massive damage for whatever reason. Be sure to keep an eye on what tools you have left!

Deck Techs

Rotom FLI 40Lana's Fishing Rod CEC 195Wondrous Labyrinth Prism Star TEU 158

First, there's always a chance you want a few more attackers in the deck. Any of the older Rotom cards can work depending on what you need. Wash Rotom can help to snipe Malamar decks. Alolan Ninetales is solid but there's only so many to attack with so this can be helpful. These decks can also find Lana's Fishing Rod useful combined with Rotom and Spirit Tag to really make those extra attackers count. 

In general the deck can run many more tools with a goal of more massive strikes. Metal Core Barrier discarding itself is an excellent choice and Fairy Charm Psychic can come in handy for certain matchups. Wondrous Labyrinth can be great to slow the opponent down and should be considered as well. There are plenty of potential cards that could be tried so give them a shot!

Matchup Spread

Malamar FLI 51Roxie CEC 205Gardevoir & Sylveon-GX UNB 130

Goomy FLI 91Like most one prize decks this one faces an issue: can it beat Malamar because if not, why not just use Malamar? Unfortunately from what we have seen it has a serious issue there. With Lana's Fishing Rod to recover Spell Tags, the spread damage adds up fast. In general, it also has issues against spread decks that use things like Roxie that are seeing more play to counter Malamar itself which is unfortunate.

Any decks that include large amounts of healing cards can make things difficult due to your damage output as well. Playing a build with more Tool Cards to get around this can be helpful to work around this but limits your other options a bit more severely. Hit and run decks like FlorsBuck or Beheeyem can also cause issues if you haven't gotten enough damage going or if they can keep Lillie's Poke Doll rolling. Not to mention decks that have ways to take extra prizes with knockouts will make it hard to keep up with the lower damage output.

Finally, this deck faces a serious issue from any deck that can comfortably play Goomy. If you prize your only Recycle Energy and they get Goomy in the active you automatically lose the game. Even worse, if you end up discarding it the game ends there as well. It's a major weakness of the deck that has to be caught. 

Looking on the brighter side this deck does have some matchups. With the speed it can set up in and its ability to draw quickly, it can manage well against Pidgeotto Control. It also knocks down Tangrowth decks without issue. Against other decks popular in the meta like PikaRom, SilVolc, Blacephelon, and any other Ultra Beast styled deck, you have your fairy charms that make the matchup excellent. In general if you are playing against a deck that needs to set up and you can get going faster you have a solid shot at winning.

So where will this deck fall in the meta? In general, as it has such severe issues against Malamar decks it may sadly stay as a general rogue deck in the lower tier. It's still got matchups where it can shine and in the right bracket it can do well but unless it gains tools to make some matchups not essentially an auto loss it's going to have a hard time. Disagree with our assessment? Have a way to build the deck better? Give us your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps is a 27-year-old mom and Pokemon fan that loves breaking down games. She loves to talk games and creative decks when she isn't being a smoking hot grill on the internet or off traveling on adventures. Follow her on Twitter for Pokemon TCG news, early looks at deck concepts, and to just say hello!

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