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Card Spotlight: Nita

Nita TEU 180Welcome back to another Card Spotlight where we look at a specific card and give some fun ideas on how it may have potential in the current meta game! Today we're going to be taking a look at Nita! Of course when combined with Dana, Evelyn, and Morgan it can have some amazing effects but today we're focusing on using Nita all on her own. So what exactly gives this card an interesting edge in the current game? Well, it all comes down to what she can do. 

Nita: You can play this card only if your opponent’s Active Pokémon is a Basic Pokémon. Put an Energy from your opponent’s Active Pokémon on top of their deck.

With all of the big Basic Pokemon going around, especially Tag-Team Pokemon, this gives you some potential. You can not only remove one of the Energy they worked to get attached but you can also control their top drawn card for the next turn. Imagine combining this with Lt. Surge's Strategy and cleaning up a Welder play in one turn! 

Still relying on only Nita to keep the Energy off of your opponent's Pokemon isn't reasonable. It's still a Supporter Card and has to be used on the active Pokemon. So what kind of deck can utilize this to maximum effect? Today we've built two options for you to get ideas from and try. Let's take a look at our first offering, Nita's Dragon Denial!

Deny Deny Deny

Dragonair UNM 149Crushing Hammer SUM 115

This deck looks to use Nita's Energy denial power and boost it with a strong supporting cast. First for our main attacker, Dragonair! With its attack Twister you have the potential to discard two Energy from the opponent's Pokemon! You might only end up with one, and we can't deny the potential of flipping tails twice, but it's one of the most solid options that is easy to set up. Thanks to Mysterious Treasure and Professor Elm's Lecture making both it and Dratini easily searchable. With both Zinnia and Dragonite getting the Energy you need attached to attack with it isn't too bad either! It also includes coin flips, but Crushing Hammer can also simply take away Energy from the opponent. Combining all this with Nita can really be frustrating to those trying to power up.

Slakoth UNM 167Salamence PR-SM SM140Salamence-GX DRM 44

Now let's add in another fun combination. Slakoth's attack Lazy Howl makes it so that if the defending Pokemon has Energy attached to them during the next turn, the opponent's turn immediately ends. How amazing is that? It can help make the opponent not get attacking right away, set up your Nita, or even just make the opponent try to be safe and attach on the bench. You can still hit them however! Once you do end up down a prize, Lance Prism Star can bring out both of your Salamence. One allowing you free retreat, the other to give you a gusting effect to choose who you'll be hitting next. 

Too many coin flips for you? Just not that into a pure Energy denial build? Don't worry because Nita has the potential to help make a main attacker deal 200 damage an attack! Let's take a look at Controlled Eruption!

Damage Dealing Eruption 

Entei LOT 47Chip-Chip Ice Axe UNB 165Magcargo CES 24

What's better than an Entei attacking? Said Entei attacking for 200 damage a shot! Here's how this one works. You can either use Chip-Chip Ice Axe or Nita to make sure the opponent has an Energy card on top of their deck. With your Magcargo or PokeNav, make sure you have one on top of your own deck as well. Then BOOM 200 damage on Eruption! With Welder, Giant Hearth, and even Magcargo-GX to help with Energy attachment, getting Entei ready to rumble is an absolute breeze. 

With plenty of other awesome support cards like Bill's Analysis, Pokemon Communication and Pokemon Fan Club it's not too hard to get these Pokemon out and going either. You have Magcargo-GX alongside Victini Prism Star as alternate attackers as well. This deck is really explosive. Wee suggest you give it a shot!

We hoped you enjoyed seeing how Nita could compliment some decks and have some potential in the current meta game. We'd love to hear if you have any other ideas for Nita as well! Let us know in the comments below or grill the grill over on Twitter @LiteralGrill! Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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