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Budget Blast: Ticking Knock Out ($15)

Aegislash FLI 49Welcome back to anther Budget Blast where we give you decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget! Have you ever wanted to be able to knock out any Pokemon in two hits? When we say any, we even mean Magikarp & Wailord Tag Team-GX with its massive 300 HP. Now what if you could do it and no Hyper Potion, Last Chance Potion, or Acerola could stop you? This is all possible with the power of Aegislash! Take a look at its attack Ticking Knock Out.

[C] Ticking Knock Out
During your next turn, if the Defending Pokémon is damaged by an attack, it will be Knocked Out.

So all you have to do is launch this attack, switch out the next turn, and let something hit the opponent and BOOM they're gone! It is a Stage 2 which makes it a bit harder to set up but we have some unique tools to make this work. Let's take a look at the deck to see how this works!

Pheromosa FLI 11So we have to talk about how we quickly grab our items in this deck. Take a look at Hoopa from Forbidden Light! With its attack Hyperspace Ring you can quickly grab the necessary Rare Candy you need as well as an Ultra Ball or Timer Ball to get Aegislash out for the deck all with one attack! It also can be your Pokemon to switch in and do damage with if needed thanks to Altar of the Moone which we use to pull Aegislash itself in and out easily. We also do have Pheromosa which can attack and has free retreat as your switch out option too, and it has a good bit more health to survive on. Oh, and of course with Tate & Liza and Switch also in the deck, you should have little problem switching things around. 

The rest of this deck is very self explanatory. You use little damage for attacks, so Max Potion can help keep any of your Pokemon going a bit longer. You're essentially doing two hit knock outs, so you have to be able to survive hits when you can. Also don't forget Aegislash can also attack itself. Draining Blade isn't going to do massive damage, but it works with Ticking Knock Out and can deal 180 weakness damage and the 90 damage it normally does can be enough to take out a few Pokemon alone so you can use it when you need.

Beef Up This Deck: For players that already have a few cards in their collection, there are a few basic cards that can be added to the deck to make it even stronger. Guzma makes a great replacement for Pokemon Catcher. Cynthia is going to be more handy more often than Underground Expedition. You could attempt to use an Alolan Ninetales-GX and Alolan Vulpix line over something like Hoopa. You could also consider a Super Boost Energy to help stave off Shuckle-GX decks.

Weaknesses: We can't lie, this deck has issues. If your opponent can just keep hitting you with one hit knock outs you won't be able to keep up. You can kill off all of their threats back quickly however, so against GX styled decks you can still keep up on prizes. Against non GX decks you'll need to adjust your strategy a bit. It also is a Stage 2 Pokemon deck where you have to use an attack to grab your items. If you can't set up fast enough, your opponent can get a strong enough defense to give you serious issues. 

Now we want to hear your thoughts! Did we miss some cards that could really shine in this deck? Did you try it and find success? Tell us in the comments below or let me know directly over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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