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Budget Blast: Spirit Burner ($20)

Chandelure UNM 30Welcome to another edition of Budget Blast where we give you decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget! Today we're going to be looking at a deck based around Chandelure. As Sia's favorite Pokemon (unconfirmed) who needs another reason to want to use it in a deck? In all seriousness however Chandelure from Unified Minds has an attack that's simply too cool to ignore in Spirit Burner.

[R] Spirit Burner: 10+
Discard the top 5 cards of your deck. This attack does 60 more damage for each Pokémon you discarded in this way. Then, put any number of [R] Pokémon you discarded in this way onto your Bench.

The potential to get Stage 2 Pokemon out super fast is too good to ignore. So good that Jimmy Wuyts brought a Chandelure deck to Worlds 2019 though in the end he only got 92nd place. We're not here to talk about that deck today however. The build is curious and exciting but we think we tweaked it to not only be more effective but less expensive! So for those that have wanted to give this Pokemon a try but have a tight budget let's give the deck a look. 

So where Jimmy's deck used Chanedlure to bring out other attackers and Pokemon to support them, we had different ideas. With so much support in the deck already required to get Chandelure out, why not just support it so that it hits the numbers needed for a main attacker? The two main health point levels we're trying to hit in this format are 240HP (like Pikachu & Zekrom-GX and 270HP (like Reshiram & Charizard-GX and Metwo & Mew-GX). If you're looking to take out Blacephalon-GX there's a great chance you can manage without too much support even, but with the Pokemon we chose it gets incredibly easy.

Wela Volcano Park DRM 63

So this is where we get to why the deck is called Spirit Burner. This is because of two of our main supporting staff: Delphox FLI 17 and Infernape UPR 23. The former uses its ability Mystical Torch to burn the opponent's Pokemon each turn. The latter uses its ability Flaming Fighter to ramp up that burn damage to 60 every time! When we get Wela Volcano Park into the mix and they can't get the burn away with a lucky coin flip you have a shot at an extra 60 damage between each turn, which adds up incredibly fast.

Before we show off all the numbers we have to mention Incineroar UNB 29 as well. An extra 30 damage each turn when you attack thanks to Strong Cheer is going to come in serious handy as we're about to show you! 

  • 240 HP: So you have to discard four Fire Pokemon to just get the knockout in one hit, but with these added effects that number goes down to three. If you can wait for the 60 damage to come hit at the end of their turn? Then you only need two
  • 270 HP: This one is a bit harder as you have to discard five Fire Pokemon to get the knockout with no help. With the added in help you're pulling off a knockout with only three discarded Pokemon. Once again if you can wait for the burn to come back you also only need to discard two Pokemon. 

So you can only imagine with something like 180 HP in Blacephalon-GX can be quickly melted away. All the while you can potentially be getting more Chandelure onto the bench so you can keep the attacks rolling! For a single prize attacker this is very impressive.

Still how do we go about getting Chandelure out? Of course we can't ignore Dusk Stone (though we can't deny you could try to build this with Rare Candy) which can get the Chandelure searched out to evolve fast. Using Pokemon Communication to move around the other Pokemon you won't be using right away is great as well. You'll always start with a Litwick so you've always got the Basic Pokemon you need!

You still may need to search out those Dusk Stone or even the Pokemon Communication, Wela Volcano Park, heck a bunch of Trainer cards in the game. So we've got Green's Adventure to help! Of course it kind of dies once your Pokemon with abilities are out so Misty's Determination can help while maybe not being as strong. PokeGear 3.0 can help get those when you need as well. PokeNav can scoop out an Energy or a Pokemon you need while also being awesome in another way. You get to put the other cards back on top of the deck, so you can potentially leave whatever Pokemon you want on the field thanks to Spirit Burn

Finally this deck falls flat in the water without Brock's Grit. You need to keep the damage makers in your deck rolling. With all the discarding you're doing you also don't want to totally deck out on accident right? Throwing back 360 potential damage into the deck with a single card is too good to ignore. Plus your natural milling powers can help get the deck down to almost all Pokemon!

Beef Up This Deck: This deck simply will do better with Bill's Analysis; there's no denying it. However, playing four of them currently costs more than the entire deck as I write this! Still, if you have some around highly consider it, maybe even replace the Green's Adventure if you're daring. More PokeGear 3.0 wouldn't hurt either in the deck. Outside of these this deck doesn't really need or use other cards that are expensive to run!

Weaknesses: This deck feels amazing when you're melting huge GX attackers, especially Tag Team Pokemon, but hurts a bit more against single prize decks. You can manage one hit knockouts nicely against them, but your deck is still getting milled kinda hard to make it happen. The matchups can still work, even using Incineroar as an attacker if you're desperate, but it's a bit harder. Finally this deck does take a bit more to setup than other decks so you have to take that into consideration. If the opponent can get up and running too quickly you're going to have a hard time.

That's it for this Budget Blast! Now we'd love to hear what you think. Do you like this build? Try it out and have some success? Tell us in the comments below or grill the grill directly on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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