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Budget Blast: Night Punishment ($18)

Zoroark TEU 91Welcome to another edition of Budget Blast where we show you decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget! When a player mentions the name Zoroark around Pokemon TCG players, their mind instantly drifts to Zoroark-GX with good reason: it is a powerful and dominant card. With the release of Team Up came a new Zoroark card however, one that has the potential of its own to make a splash as it can deal 200 Damage in a single attack. That's enough to take down many Pokemon in one hit, if not two. So what attack makes this possible? Night Punishment!

[D][C][C] Night Punishment: 20×
This attack does 20 damage for each Pokémon in your discard pile. You can’t do more than 200 damage in this way.

Getting ten Pokemon into the discard pile might seem tough, but there's plenty of cards to do so. From Supporter Cards like Sightseer to the brand new Spiritomb TEU 89, there are plenty of cards built up to get Pokemon into the discard fast so you can swing for full damage. Dark Type Pokemon have in general gained a lot of tools from Team Up as well which we can take advantage of. Ready to see how we make it happen? Let's take a look at the deck!

Spiritomb TEU 89The first cards that may catch your eye when looking at the deck are Honchcrow UPR 72 and Skuntank UPR 76 as they lack any of their prior evolutions. The reason we include them is they are some of the cheapest evolution Dark Type cards we could find! You could honestly use any Stage 1 or higher Dark Type cards in the deck you want. The idea is that by using evolution cards as your fodder for the discard, you won't accidentally be stuck placing out a Pokemon in the active that you may not want to at the beginning of the game.

There's so many ways to get these cards out of your deck and discarded as well. Search them out with Timer Ball or Ultra Ball even (while discarding some to do so) and when your hand is full use Sightseer, TV Reporter, or Sophocles to discard them and get more cards into your hand. They also can be fodder for Dangerous Drill which can be helpful at times. You can also discard them with Viridian Forest to get the Energy you need fast!

With these, you also have Spiritomb TEU 89 which we mentioned earlier. It's incredibly useful if you can start with it and go second, but it has another use as well: more fodder. You don't want your deck to be filled up too much with useless evolution cards, so as we've already included eight, you'll need to discard two of these as well to deal the full 200 damage. There's of course the potential for things being prized too, so be creative. Sometimes a Zoroark or Zorua are going to be knocked out and end up there naturally, keep that in mind.

Beef Up This Deck: You could potentially consider using Blitzle LOT 81 and Zebstrika LOT 82 as your fodder cards as well. They will cost a little more however, and while they provide more draw power it comes with more reckless discard so choose wisely. Guzma could be helpful in this deck as it is in many others as well. You could also switch out some of the draw cards as you'd like with things like Cynthia, Erika's Hospitality, and others. We focused purely on the discarding power for our build.

Weaknesses: This deck takes a while to set up, and needs at least two Energy attachments to get attacking. Yes, there's a lot of thinning power in the deck as well, but if your opponent can set up fast enough you'll have a hard time catching up. Your Zoroark also doesn't have a lot of HP which can make this problem even more apparent as the opponent may be able to take out your attacker before you get to really bring out the damage against them.

We hope you enjoyed our Night Punishment deck! Now it's time to tell us what you think. Did you try this deck and find success? Did we miss some cards that would do well in this deck? Tell us in the comments below or let me know directly on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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