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Budget Blast: Mysterious Rain ($29)

Welcome back to another Budget Blast where we show you decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget! Lately there's been a lot of fun buzz surrounding a deck that uses Emolga TEU 46, Pachirisu UPR 49, and Pikachu PR-SM SM162 as a way to power up and use Alolan Raichu UNM 57. Yes we just threw a lot of cards at you at once but stay with us! The deck is really fun as a way to totally sweep your opponent with one fatal blow — take out an entire bench or two Tag Team-GX Pokemon in a single hit. However, as we looked at the deck we noticed it had one major flaw, and we wanted to search out a way to fix it. With that in mind let's look at our deck: Mysterious Rain!

Charging Up
Mismagius UNB 78Volkner UPR 135 Raichu UNB 55

Here we address the first weakness the original Nuzzle based deck had: bricked hands. You have to run a very large amount of Energy cards so your hand can sometimes come down to just only having them at moments. We decided to go a different direction with getting the Energy into the discard pile. Raichu can then use Never Give Up to attach all the Energy to an Alolan Raichu. It works out wonderfully as your Pikachu are doubly useful in this deck as well. The only thing that makes it tough is you need to have three more prize cards remaining than your opponent.

If the opponent realizes your strategy they could simply just not knock out whatever Pokemon you kept upfront until you likely decked out at some point. You can do a single energy attachment a turn sure, maybe make the comeback, but with Custom Catcher in the format, it's likely to fail. So in case they decide to take this route, we knock out our own Pokemon while keep getting hands of fresh cards as much as we can! Mismagius's ability Mysterious Message is perfect for this. Volkner can help pull out Mysterious Treasure to search for the pieces you need to evolve while discarding more Energy or just pull up Dusk Stone for the quick evolution.

Delightful Discard

Sightseer LOT 189Hapu UNM 200

We already mentioned Mysterious Treasure as a useful resource, but what about other discarding options? We considered several options, but ended up choosing Sightseer and Hapu as our choices. The main reasons why are because you have more choice in which cards are discarded. Have a vital card in your hand? Sightseer won't make you toss it away. Need a couple specific cards from that draw? Hapu won't make you discard them into the gutter.

If you wanted to try other methods, you could pull in a few other options. Viridian Forest has merit as a way to get rid of the Energy from the deck so you are less likely to draw them. You could also use Ingo & Emmet for draw power. Play around with the deck to find what works best for you! 


Sky Pillar CES 144Mew UNB 76

The two cards that spell destruction for this deck would be Sky Pillar and Mew with its ability Bench Barrier. While the former card isn't commonly played, the latter is included in many decks. The saddest part is that with the Nuzzle based build, Mew will completely destroy the deck's chance of victory in any way possible. That isn't the case for this build.

Let's explain! While yes, you may not be able to go for the one hit sweep to win the entire game, this deck allows you to hit with Electro Rain twice. With three knockouts to use Never Give Up, you should have three prizes left. If the opponent attacks your Raichu? You don't have to retreat into Alolan Raichu, making your victory potentially easier. If they do knock you out, there are still two prizes to work with, giving you the potential to bring back out Raichu again for Never Give Up or simply to power up a second Alolan Raichu for the finishing blow. These cards certainly still pose a threat to your deck, but at least with this build they can be played around. Just remember you may need a couple Energy in hand to power up your Raichu and possibly retreat, so don't discard them all!

We really hope you enjoyed this edition of Budget Blast! We'd love to hear your thoughts on the deck, especially if you gave it a few plays. Tell us in the comments below or let the deck builder herself know over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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