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Budget Blast: Lazy Gifts ($27)

Welcome back to another Budget Blast where we show you decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget! We know so many people are talking about Pidgeotto Control decks right now because they've been doing rather well. However that deck can cost at least $100 dollars to build! So we decided to go much cheaper coming in at under $30 for our own unique deck to drive the opponent mad trying to attack it. So how could we take a control concept and make it creative enough to stump quite a few main meta decks? Let's take a look at the deck!

The King Of Control

Slaking CES 115Slakoth UNM 167Memory Energy LOT 194

Our main friend out front is Slaking from Celestial Storm. With its ability Lazy it can force all of the opponent's Pokemon to essentially lose their abilities. This makes a huge swath of major meta cards lose their potency including Mewtwo & Mew-GX, Jirachi TEU 99, Naganadel LOT 108, Dedenne-GX and Malamar FLI 51. Your main goal is to get Memory Energy onto the field. With it, you can use Lazy Howl to force your opponent to end their turn any time they play an Energy from their hand onto their Pokemon. Talk about slowing the opponent down!

An Unwanted Gift

Florges FLI 86Crushing Hammer SUM 115

The opponent, being stuck unable to play much Energy, really needs each Energy they can get. So Crushing Hammer would put an extra torn in their side right? With Florges out on the field you can return them to the top of your deck! Albeit with a coin flip thanks to its ability Wondrous Gift. Still this helps you not deck out or simply get whatever item card you need on a turn to keep your opponent stuck in place. With this combo set up it can take quite a while before the opponent can do enough damage to actually take down Slaking. 

Let's Set Up

Professor Elm's Lecture LOT 188Meganium LOT 8Green's Exploration UNB 175

To really get this deck rolling fast enough Rare Candy simply won't be enough. Thankfully we have Meganium to help us out. With it on the field, it can essentially be a Rare Candy itself thanks to its ability Quick-Ripening Herb. This can help get your Florges and Slaking out much faster. To get that initial Rare Candy you need we have Green's Exploration as well. Similar to our Spirit Burner deck however, once your Pokemon with abilities are out it becomes quite useless so be wary. There's plenty of other useful cards it can find as well such as Net Ball, Pokemon Communication, Power Plant, PokeNav, Energy Spinner, and more. Don't forget Misty's Determination can help with this too! With Professor Elm's Lecture you can get out all of your Basic Pokemon easily as well. With all these tools together it's not too hard to get yourself set up.

Beefing Up This Deck

Bill's Analysis HIF 51Cynthia UPR 119Pokegear 3.0 UNB 182

As always any budget decks improve with a little stronger draw power. While Tate & Liza is flexible, Cynthia is usually the better call in the end. With this in mind Bill's Analysis is also better than Misty's Determination and could even take some spots from Green's Exploration depending on what you're looking for. Finally, PokeGear 3.0 could help get these vital Supporter cards easier, and could seriously improve the deck.


Trick Coin PHF 108Welder UNB 189Tapu Koko Prism Star TEU 51

This deck requires some good coin flips to work, so if you're not feeling lucky punk this deck is going to be tough. With Welder included it can be even harder to get those Energy off the opponent as two attachments at a time can still allow them to catch up. There's also other ways to get on energy that don't have them coming directly from the opponent's hand which can cause your slowing down to not be as effective. In general, this deck does take a lot more setup and if you don't get your basic lockdown before the opponent really gets rolling you're likely to fall behind.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of Budget Blast! We tried some new formatting for the article and would love your feedback on it as well as the deck. So please leave a comment below with your thoughts or grill the deck builder and writer herself over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps 

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