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Budget Blast: Hazard Heaven Revisited ($14 - $16)

Alolan Grimer TEU 83Welcome back to another Budget Blast where we show you decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget! Today's deck was a really special deck to craft. A PokeGoldfish fan on Twitter reached out to me to tell me how Hazard Heaven was their favorite budget deck and they were sad it would be gutted post rotation. This, and when I saw "Poop, the Pokemon rotation kills my favorite budget deck" on their timeline made me know I had to spring into action! 

The original Hazard Heaven deck was based around Ariados from Celestial Storm and its attack Reactive Poison that does 50 damage per Special Condition on the opponent's Pokemon. Ariados survives the rotation but several of the supporting staff used do not, including Sazzazle GRI 16 that helps burn the opponent to help get that much more damage on. Plus Warp Energy also is lost which does reduce some of the switching power that made the original deck so strong.

Despite this, new tools have been released that can keep Hazard Heaven rolling. Also, as it's a Grass-based deck, there are more Pokemon search options than for many other types left post rotation. Not only this but with the release of Alolan Grimer in Team Up there's now another Pokemon with a similar attack! I was so excited to fulfill a fan request that I made two separate builds, one with that kept the original focus, and the other using new tools to spotlight Alolan Grimer. What's even better is that both decks cost less than the original. So there's little reason not to give them a try. Let's take a look at these decks and see what makes them tick!

Koga's Trap UNB 177First, let's see what new tools make Ariados even more fun to work with. First comes in the new supporter card Koga's Trap. The ability to instantly add two special conditions and thus deal 100 damage for a single attachment is wonderful! With Parasect TEU 7's ability Panic Spore, you can place on a bit extra damage from it as well. We still keep Mareep LOT 75 to keep the opponent asleep, but without the ability to easily burn the opponent it reduces your average damage output from the original 220 easy to around 170. Add poison and potentially two Parasects and that raises to 220! Dust Island also helps to try and keep whichever Pokemon may be in the active poisoned to keep that damage on.

Without Warp Energy we have to include more tools to potentially switch. Escape Board survives the rotation and we keep both Tate & Liza as well as Switch to help facilitate Mareep's usage. Without the need for Acerola or Lusamine there is room for more new cards as well. With Rescue Stretcher lost to the rotation, Brock's Grit comes in as a replacement. PokeNav helps bring out Energy and Pokemon, and as cards like Timer Ball and Ultra Ball are gone we added Pokemon Fan Club and reduced the number of Professor Elm's Lecture. Finally, Custom Catcher can help not only boost draw power if needed but is the easiest gusting card to include in the deck post rotation.

Welder UNB 189Now it's time to take on Grimer! Before the rotation, Double Colorless Energy would have been the card of choice to get Chemical Breath going. While it is no longer an option now, there are still ways to get the Energy attached fast. Welder not only can help draw cards, but gets the two Energy you need to get attacking. So this deck uses Fire Energy, how do we get it into the hand? PokeNav and Energy Spinner are there to help!

Alolan Grimer doesn't work well with Mareep however as it has too high a retreat cost. So we'll need another way to try and pack on a bit extra damage. Thankfully we can use Dustox LOT 28 to help! It not only can leave the opponent paralyzed as well as poisoned, but the poison damage is even increased! Cascoon LOT 27 also can get itself filled up on the bench for a single colorless Energy, so the Fire Energy causes no problems! This is also why we only use two Wurmple, the idea is to try and use its attack to fill up the bench. Devolution Spray Z is a newly released tool that can help give Dustox repeated use. 

So let's talk damage. With the potential poison, paralysis, and confusion, Alolan Grimer will deal 170 damage. If you have Dustox's poison, that increases to 200 damage. Then we add in Parasect once again to be able to raise it to 220 or more! This is just in one turn as well, the confusion could lead to even more, not to mention the poison as the turn comes back to you. This is enough to take down even certain Tag Team-GX Pokemon for a single prize attacker. Amazing right?

We hope you enjoy these two new post rotation takes on our Hazard Heaven deck! A special shout out to LBC Float for inspiring this article. Be sure to check out their chiptune music! Now it's time to hear what you think. Do you think we could have rebuilt these decks better? Tell us in the comments below or let me know over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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