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Budget Blast: Hand Kinesis ($11)

Meowstic BUS 60Welcome back to Budget Blast where we show you decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget! How does the idea of having an attack that can get nothing but stronger as you draw cards sound? What about having ways to easily build up your hand by leaps and bounds to get that damage rolling? What if it also came at an incredibly low budget cost?

If any of that sounded fun to you, you're going to love today's deck! This deck features Meowstic from Burning Shadows and its attack the deck is named after, Hand Kinesis:

[C][C] Hand Kinesis: 10×
This attack does 10 damage for each card in your hand.

So we just need a way to thin your deck out quickly, while building up your hand size to massive numbers. Thankfully there's some wonderful budget tools to do just that! There are other ways to take on a build for Hand Kinesis, but we're going to be looking at an Energy based build here today. Since it can use any kind of Energy for its attack, it opens things up to some fun possibilities! How does the deck work? Let's give it a look!

Ribombee BUS 96Time for the first big thing to notice: this deck runs a lot of Energy. The idea here is that using several of your cards, you can thin the Energy out of your deck while building up your hand size just as quickly. One easy way is to simply play Lady! With a single card, you have 40 more damage with Hand Kinesis and your deck is that much lighter so you can grab other cards! Managing to play a few of these can have you hitting for over 120 in no time!

There's other ways to pull out our Energy however. Rimbombee's ability Honey Gather lets you pull two Energy out of the deck as well! With these two potential cards combined, you can be hitting for some serious damage very quickly! We also have Mt. Coronet so even if you lose some Energy off of your Meowstics you can quickly get them back into your hand to keep your attack power strong! This is also why we decided to go with Metal Energy for the deck.

Of course, Energy alone isn't going to get this deck doing enough to one hit knockout anything that faces it, we need more cards in your hand! This can be done easily with our two budget draw power stars Hau and Looker. After you've used all the Nest Ball and Timer Ball you need, Apricorn Maker can pull them out to make your hand a bit bigger too! Of course it's also nice to just get those cards to help you get out your Pokemon as well so it has good synergy.

Beef Up This Deck: A cool thing about this deck is that with enough sheer damage, there's not too many expensive cards that could truly make it much stronger! Most expensive drawing cards don't work well with this deck. Of course Guzma can always be positive, but if you're dealing enough damage with your attacks you may not even need it as Meowstic can manage one hit knock outs with a little time. Shrine of Punishment could be useful however, and there is room to play around and add Choice Band or Exp. Share depending on your playstyle. 

Weaknesses: Seeing the opponent play Judge is going to make you groan. Of course you can go about pulling out Energy from your deck again, but it's going to majorly slow you down. The same things goes for someone playing Marshadow SLG 45. Meowstic isn't exactly a high HP Pokemon either, so if the opponent has a speedy deck like Zapdos, Nuzzle Gathering, or our own Tag Team Power, you're going to have a rough time. 

We hope you liked this fun budget deck! Did you try the deck and find success? Were there some cool cards that could make this deck better we missed? Tell us in the comments below or tell me directly on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers! 

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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