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Budget Blast: Final Fever ($34)

Welcome to another Budget Blast where we show you decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget. It's October which means it's a perfect time to show off decks that feature ghosts and Dark type Pokemon. Gotta keep it spooky right? Today's special horror has Honedge dealing damage across the opponent's Pokemon for a massive Poison filled sweep. Ready to scare your opponent with a creative budget strategy? Here's Final Fever!

Venom Fever

Toxapex LOT 69

Your main attacker for the deck is Toxapex. Not only is it a Water type, which is extra helpful in the current meta, but it can deal some wild amounts of damage. 50 for each damage counter on the opponent's Pokemon even! There's just two catches to get around. First, Toxapex takes two Water Energy attached to it to attack and there's not a great way to accelerate Water Energy. We can work with this as explained a little further into the article. Getting the opponent's active Pokemon poisoned is a bit easier than just using Poison Sting however. Koga's Trap is perfect for setting up the opponent for that final blow. This is your way to take out Tag Team Pokemon with massive attacks!

Spreading Damage

Honedge FLI 46Spell Tag LOT 190Tyrogue UNB 100

So how do we get those damage counters out to let Toxapex wreak havoc? Or how do we get enough damage out to take out decks that aren't using the huge attackers you need to win the prize war? It's time to spread some damage in a huge way! Hodedge's ability Final Hour let's you choose a Pokemon to deal 30 damage to when they are knocked out. If you add Spell Tag into the mix you can add another 40 damage as well! You won't be attacking with Honedge, it'll be waiting in the active. So to try and pack on even more damage you bring on Tyrogue! Bratty Kick takes a coin flip but it also can add another 30 damage to the pile. 100 damage with the potential to snipe the bench? That's a lot of basic Pokemon and even a few other supporting casts in decks like Malamar FLI 51.

With a Pokemon holding the active spot you have a bit more time to get both of those Energy attached. Bring out your Pokemon to the active and keep those Energy coming so you can manage the big swing you need for the win! Of course you don't want to see Lynsandre Labs out to stop your Spell Tag from working so Marshadow UNB 81 is in the deck to help keep it clear.

Set Up And Support

Mysterious Treasure FLI 113Bill's Analysis HIF 51Adventure Bag LOT 167

Mysterious Treasure can grab so many of the Pokemon you need and the ones it can't, Pokemon Communication is there to help. Professor Elm's Lecture can make your bench almost fully set up if you grab one on the right turn. All these cards you'll grab nicely with Bill's Analysis! Of course, Adventure Bag is great for pulling out Spell Tag as well. Pokegear 3.0 is also incredibly useful, not only to try and get Bill's Analysis or Professor Elm's Lecture, but to grab Koga's Trap when you need it for the big swing.

We hope you enjoyed this fun budget-friendly deck! We'd love to hear about your thoughts on the deck, especially if you gave it a try. Tell us all about it in the comments below so we can get a discussion going. Don't forget to keep an eye out through the rest of October for other fun somewhat spooky-themed decks!

Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps is a 27-year-old mom and Pokemon fan that loves breaking down games. She loves to talk games and creative decks when she isn't being a smoking hot grill on the internet or off traveling on adventures. Follow her on Twitter for Pokemon TCG news, early looks at deck concepts, and to just say hello!

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