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Budget Blast: Disconnected Memories ($14)

Memory Energy LOT 194Welcome to another edition of Budget Blast where we make decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget! Memory Energy was a curious card that came with Lost Thunder but hasn't really been ran in any decks. It does have some unique potential as it allows you to use attacks from previous evolutions. But are there any Pokemon that have attacks really worth being used over the generally more powerful fun their evolutions have? We think we found the perfect one. Luxio from Ultra Prism has a strong attacked called Disconnect.

[C] Disconnect: 30
Your opponent can’t play any Item cards from their hand during their next turn.

Look at that, it even only takes a single colorless Energy! It's almost as if it was made for Memory Energy. It's only got 80 HP so evolving it into Luxray is a great way to keep some longevity while denying your opponent items they may need to set up. Almost every deck has items like Nest Ball, Ultra Ball, and Timer Ball. Some decks would be stopped cold if they can't use Rare Candy or Mysterious Treasure. Heck this can even stop your opponent playing tools like Metal Pan or Choice Band

It's obviously got a lot of power, so how are we going to use this to its full potential? Let's take a look at our deck!

Oranguru UPR 114A full 4-4-4 line of Pokemon up to Stage 2? This isn't your everyday deck! Thankfully you can try to evolve your line a bit faster if you go second thanks to Shinx's ability Evolutionary Advantage. With a bit of luck, you can have a Luxray with 150 HP! Beef up its health with Aether Paradise Conservation Area and it's not an easy kill! If you're lucky enough to already have Memory Energy on deck, start denying your opponent items and maybe beef up your attack with Electropower, Professor Kukui, or Choice Band.

So how do we get that Memory Energy? Energy Loto is the prime choice, but we also include PokeNav as it can also draw Pokemon if you need them more. You also have Zebtrika who can Sprint to get you more cards in your hand. If you happen to lose them, we have Oranguru to get them back! Now don't ignore Luxray's main attack either. You can slowly power up with Lightning Energy every turn so you can nail any Pokemon the opponent has with 150 damage. Not many Pokemon can easily survive that! Plus you're only discarding your Lightning Energy so you keep your Memory Energy on deck.

Now we have to be honest about what decks you may run into issues against. Fighting decks are going to seriously wreck your extra defense, though maybe you can make it harder for them to set up fast enough. Any deck that uses something like Professor Elm's Lecture over items to get its bench set up may also be able to work around your blocking powers. 

Now this deck can outright wreck certain decks though. Granbull LOT 38 won't ever be able to have an empty hand to use its attack and will grind to a halt. If the opponent really needs to use Rare Candy to get threats up? They won't be able to so you can just slowly crush them. If you know your opponent needs an item of any kind this deck is perfect for you!

Now we want to know what you think! Does this deck have potential? Are there some cards we needed to add? Tell us in the comments below or bug the deck maker on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time stay lit trainers! 

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