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Budget Blast: Dinky Dragon Domination! ($16)

Jangmo-o DRM 52Welcome back to another Budget Blast where we show you decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget! Let's be real, how often do Basic Pokemon set to evolve ever get an actual spotlight? We just want something easy to search so we can get out our Stage 1 or Stage 2 and leave them under a 'superior' card. Not this time! This deck is going to give a strong small Pokemon a true chance to rise above and try its best to deal major damage for a fraction of the price! Did we mention the deck is also built for post rotation? Because it totally is.

Now feast your eyes on the most fearsome attacker to ever exist! Coming in at 2 feet tall and weighing 65.5 pounds is the incredible, the incomparable, Jangmo-o! Our other main attacker coming in at 2 feet and 4 inches and weighing in at 45.2 pounds, we have Gible!!


Look we promise we're not messing with you, this can make for a solid deck! We're planning to attack using Dragon Claw and Gnaw, which yes only does 20 damage to start, but we can pump it up in a major way. Plus we can use Jangmo-o's and Gible's low HP stat to our actual advantage in a post rotation deck. Don't believe us? Well then scroll on down and see what we have built! 

Altaria DRM 40So with there being much less options for Pokemon searching post rotation getting your attackers out fast and dealing damage is more important than ever. Professor Elm's Lecture can get out not only one, but THREE of our beefy attackers out in a jiffy! Also, while we do hate to admit it, this deck does have to have some evolving to make Jangmo-o work. Sorry Swablu, we still love you too, especially because you do happen to be friendly with Professor Elm as well!

The reason why we have to evolve is so we can produce as much damage as possible. Altaria can help us with this thanks to its ability Fight SongYour (Dragon) Pokémon’s attacks do 20 more damage to your opponent’s Active Pokémon (before applying Weakness and Resistance). So pop four of these babies on the field and those 20 damage Dragon Claws can reach up to 100 damage! To be fair, Altaria can also do the same amount of damage itself in a pinch for the same Energy cost but today is the little guys time to shine!

Now to just mention, getting out Altaria can be a bit easier too. Thanks to cards like Lance Prism Star you can potentially get two out right away when you likely lose a Jangmo-o or Gible due to their massive HP being somehow struck through by the mightiest foe! (Okay it's got 60 HP fine...) Combining Pokemon Communication with pulling up cards from Professor Elm's Lecture can be a big help as well. 

So how can we maybe make this deck pack at least a tiny bit more punch? Here comes Martial Arts Dojo! This is why we're packing Fighting Energy (though to be fair it makes Gible's Ability Rock Hiding come into effect too). If you're ahead on prizes? Enjoy that extra 10 damage! If you're a bit behind because your Pokemon may not have the highest HP stat, you can get 40 more!

So let's talk about the main factor of this deck being successful: speed. We need to get those Energy costs met fast. We have two ways to do this. Counter Gain can help reduce the amount of Energy needed to just a single Energy on all of our potential attackers. Plus if we use Zinnia we can get an attacker fully powered up with a single Supporter card and still leave room to play another Energy onto the field. 

Beef Up This Deck: The first obvious choice would be to sneak in some Mysterious Treasure to try and make searching out your Pokemon a little bit easier. There's some possibility that maybe having Shrine of Punishment could also make you stronger against certain decks so you can consider it as well. Our draw power in this deck isn't really all too bad, but spicing it up with Cynthia or Erika's Hospitality wouldn't hurt either. 

Weaknesses: Alright we've talked up this deck a lot and while we believe it can be successful there's only so far this aggro swarming attack style can take you. If you're not managing two-hit knockouts against Pokemon giving out more prizes than you there's a good chance you'll be beaten down. You have to go in with the kind of fury these little guys deserve and when you do it's incredibly satisfying!

We hoped you enjoyed our fun budget deck celebrating the little guys for once! Are there any changes you'd make to the deck? Did you try it and pull off a win? Tell us in the comments below or let the deck maker herself know over on Twitter @LiteralGrill. Until next time, stay lit trainers!

- Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps

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