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Budget Blast: Caustic Chemicals ($28)

Welcome to another Budget Blast where we show you decks that pack a punch without breaking your budget. It's October which means it's a perfect time to show off decks that feature ghosts and Dark type Pokemon. Keeping the opponent haunted by Poison, Sleep, and Confusion as Alolan Grimer knocks them out and just keeps coming is enough to be a serious scare for many. Let's show you how the deck, Caustic Chemicals, works its wicked wonders!

Dealing Damage

Alolan Grimer TEU 83Amoonguss UNM 14Ear-Ringing Bell UNM 194

The main damage dealer in the deck comes from attacking with Chemical Breath. 20 damage plus an added 50 for each Special Condition affecting the opposing Pokemon is wonderful for two colorless Energy! This makes Welder amazing for both drawing cards and attaching Energy to keep things running. How do we get those Special Conditions rolling though?

First you can simply play Koga's Trap but using that as your Supporter Card every turn would get clunky fast. Ear-Ringing Bell is also nice to add some Confusion but you'll be getting knocked out before it works so it's more an added extra to help you out. The real way to get the opponent Asleep and Poisoned is through Amoonguss. Getting one onto the field then playing a Foongus down gets you dealing 120 damage an attack! Once you add the extra 10 damage for poison you're hitting 130 damage which is a really solid mark. With this going strong most Pokemon in the format are set up for a two hit knockout! 

Super Scoop Up, while involving coin flips, can help you keep playing down Foongus as needed. We did try the deck with Vileplume UNB 8 but found this to be far more consistent even with both needing coin flips to work. The better guaranteed Sleep also makes Slumbering Forest all the more potent to stall the opponent from knocking down your main attacker.

The Supporting Cast

Pheromosa FLI 11Mew UNB 76

You're bound to have a lot of Pokemon on the bench eventually with your Foongus so Mew can help keep them protected with its ability Bench Barrier. Pheromosa joins the fight for two main reasons, and no it's not using High Jump Kick. First it's very easy to search out with the help of Net Ball. Second, it has free retreat and can make for a perfect pivot Pokemon when your Alolan Grimer does eventually get knocked out. Also you could maybe use White Ray, there is the Energy in the deck, but the chances of that are slim.

Just be sure with all these Pokemon needing space on the bench you don't fill your space so much there's no room to keep Alolan Grimer going. Having your bench fully locked can be a serious problem so play your Pokemon carefully! 

Alolan Grimer's Great Advantage

Aether Foundation Employee LOT 168

Everyone misses Rescue Stretcher in the current format and long to not be stuck playing Brock's Grit as it's just not as effective. This is what makes Alolan Grimer such a great attacker. Instead of shuffling the Pokemon into the deck like Brock's Grit does, Aether Foundation Employee brings them right back to your hand! It's much easier to stream attackers this way and eliminates one of the major weaknesses single prize attacking decks face. With this in deck even if a few Alolan Grimer are prized you can still keep the game going in your favor without resorting to attacking with Amoonguss. 

We hope you enjoyed this fun budget-friendly deck! We'd love to hear about your thoughts on the deck, especially if you gave it a try. Tell us all about it in the comments below so we can get a discussion going. Don't forget to keep an eye out through the rest of October for other fun somewhat spooky-themed decks! 

Linnea 'LiteralGrill' Capps is a 27-year-old mom and Pokemon fan that loves breaking down games. She loves to talk games and creative decks when she isn't being a smoking hot grill on the internet or off traveling on adventures. Follow her on Twitter for Pokemon TCG news, early looks at deck concepts, and to just say hello!

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